Being in a league 
of your own 
is a lonely place...

ThroughConversation™ with mentor to the 
world's extreme visionaries, ultra-high achievers and power-couples, 
Jean-Paul Gravel takes you beyond success 
to unlimited realms in all aspects of your business and life.

From the desk of Jean-Paul Gravel, founder of ThroughConversation

Dear Extreme Visionary,

It goes without saying that you are an extraordinary success. I see your awards, your bank account, your portfolio and your homes.

Congratulations. You've made it.

I won't harp on that success because you're not here for me to tell you what you want to hear.

You're here because you're ready for someone to tell you the TRUTH.

Ready? Here it is...

You are not as fulfilled as you are pretending to be, you are often putting on a show, and deep down you know it.

While everyone around you is enjoying the spoils of your success (and indeed, you have as well), there are facets of your life where you have made sacrifices...

And I know with certainty (and so should you) that TRUE success, TRUE high performance, is multidimensional.

Your personal wellbeing, your relationships, and your professional success are all interconnected.

You cannot fully excel in one area while underperforming in an other.

And if you’re not currently excelling in all three, you're missing out.

You are living beneath your potential.


I see the possibilities of more power, deeper love, more happiness, and unfettered fulfillment for YOU.

I see you have audacious potency left to experience.

I see you have a BIGGER life yet to be lived.

And I see how to take you to the highest levels of performance - across all facets of your life.

As an elite business leader, you have very few people who REALLY understand your life, your business, your reality.

I however, understand.

I am just as results-driven and inspired as you are. No fluff. No BS.

Just rapid, lasting, expansive impact.

Life-changing results.

Legacy-creating results.

This is why the highest performers in the world seek me out.

Enter ThroughConversation™ with me, I'll speak your language and we'll open you up to a higher plane of potential in 10 weeks or less without dredging up the past.

We won't waste any time. None.

Not only will your marriage, your health, and your business become increasingly satisfying...

You will experience expanded possibilities and growth that you had never imagined possible.

You will live a fuller life, with more joy, more freedom, more comfort and more power. 

Your ability to connect with people will soar, leading to more business opportunities, more personal connections, and more friends.

Watch one of the 70 exit interviews with my clients. 

See the results for yourself. 

Then take the step to your next level of ultimate success - where ALL aspects of your life THRIVE.

Where you feel more alive than you have in decades.

I only take on 2 clients a month. 

I only work privately. 

My work is guaranteed life-changing.

Now is your moment. Speak with my team and we can explore the possibilities together.

With my deepest respect,

Jean-Paul Gravel
Founder, ThroughConversation 

"I have achieved a different kind of existence..."

Tim Barry, Co-Founder and CEO, Village MD Chicago, Illinois

“I am one of the co-founders and CEO of a multi-billion-dollar organization. With Jean-Paul's help, I'm able to achieve more at my work while also, frankly, working fewer hours. 

My business has more than doubled, and it's going to double again next year. I'm able to think more strategically about the business than I ever have prior.

On top of it, I was able to achieve a ton of different things in my life, my anxiety has gone away, I sleep well at night, when I eat, I'm able to digest my food. My physical health is significantly better. My energy levels are higher, my confidence levels are higher, and 
my happiness is through the roof!

I have been able to connect with my wife at such a deeper level than frankly, any time I can remember over the last 20 years.

With Jean-Paul's help, I've been able just to achieve this different kind of existence. 
Across every dimension of my life, things have gotten a lot better.”

"Man's Greatest Burden 
Is Unfulfilled Potential"
Unleash Your Potential
In Life & Business
Crush Anxiety & Burnout
 DeToxify Your Marriage 
In 10 Weeks or Less
For Discerning Visionaries, Entrepreneurs 
and Power-Couples Who Want Results Fast 


World's Leading Human Potential Coach, 
Speaker, and Author

Our 1-to-1, No-nonsense, forward-thinking process delivers outstanding results, 
in 10 weeks or less, without dredging up your past

Working With Jean-Paul

Let's be very clear - this is not therapy. This is not about your past. This is not about spending years on a couch talking about drama.  

ThroughConversation™ is a no-nonsense practical approach to personal development that will transform your entire life in 10 weeks or less.

JP's unique process removes self-limiting beliefs and rewires your mind giving you the mental and emotional freedom to access your untapped potential. 

Your brain creates neural pathways associated with specific emotions, behaviours, 
and thought patterns that you experience on a daily basis. 

Your beliefs are at the root of all the thoughts, feelings, and actions.

JP's process will have you operating more effectively within weeks, enabling you to access your untapped potential. 

JP only takes on 2 clients a month because of the depth of his energy and time spent on his private clients. There are absolutely no group sessions. 

This is all about YOU.

Devoted to your transformation, JP works exclusively on a 1-to-1 basis to help you raise your game to levels you didn’t even think were possible. 

You will notice your performance, productivity, and profits skyrocket, your confidence explode and will feel fulfilled by relationships that have been enriched. 

This is a fully customized program designed to give you exactly the training YOU need 
to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

JP works on all three pillars of high performance simultaneously.
Therefore, regardless of what your primary goal is, 
you will experience massive improvements in your personal wellbeing, 
your relationships, and your career.

Our clients experience significant improvements from the very first or second session.

You will have more confidence, more power, and a much more positive outlook on life
as well as strategic tools to release yourself of old limiting thought patterns. 

The ThroughConversation™ methodology is ONLY practiced by our company.

1. Emotional health
If you're feeling anxious, stressed out, fatigued, irritable, or depressed, this lack of emotional stability has serious consequences for your entire life – from your personal relationships to the the results you can achieve professionally. 

Our Emotional Freedom Program will help you get rid of anxiety, chronic stress, burnout, and depression, and you will feel great again. 

Click the button below to learn more about how we can help:
2. relationships
If you are feeling stressed or unhappy in your personal relationships, particularly your marriage, this stress will spill over to the rest of your life. For business families in particular, challenging family dynamics can undermine your success.   

With the Save My Marriage program you'll fall back in love like when you first started dating. 

Click the button below to learn more and/or speak with us: 
3. Mental Strength
As a business leader, you're using your mind to make decisions all day long. 
You are constantly dealing with conflicting priorities and difficult situations. 

By removing the unnecessary baggage that your mind has accumulated over your lifetime, you can operate at a much higher level, regardless of whether you are doing great or have some challenges to overcome.

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"I now feel unstoppable..."

Marlo Brooke, CEO, AVATAR partners and SimpleAR
Orange County, California

"I’m a CEO and Founder of multiple software companies across North America. As a direct result of applying what I learned, my company’s revenues doubled from $10M to $20M – this was accomplished within just a few months of working together.

J-P improved my communication skills with employees and customers, as well as with my personal relationships. My mental clarity, confidence, and inner peace reached an all-time high and I feel unstoppable.

Which explains the other benefits I got from working with him, namely several long-term health issues that can be associated with high-stress levels disappeared, including 18 years of insomnia and 20 years of asthma. 

My body and mind feel so much younger.

JP is amazing to work with – he’s incredibly wise, compassionate, and not prescriptive at all. Actually, it was clear that JP was custom tailoring the program for me as we went along, and I think that’s one thing that made it so powerful.

I will be applying the tools I’ve learned for the rest of my life. 
There is nothing out there like this."

Astonishing Results

ThroughConversation™ has a 100% success rate. 

Every single one of our students has experienced multidimensional impact 
beyond their wildest dreams. 

Over 70 in-depth video Case Studies of people from all walks of life.

People take time out of their schedules to record video testimonials 
because they want you to know how much better your life could be. 

Just like the experience they have had working with JP.

Click below and watch:

Who I Am

great lives don't just happen
they are created
Your emotional health, your relationships, and your professional performance are all interconnected. 

To excel in life, you must excel at all three.

While most coaches will focus on a specific area of your life and help you grow incrementally, my approach is different.

I work on the big picture.

I break your problems down into 1's and 0's and simplify everything.

You will see results in as little as one or two sessions.

In less than ten sessions you will look back and say: "this was the best thing I've ever done for myself." 

Every area of your life will be better, and you will feel as good or better than you did in your prime. 

You will become the best version of yourself, for yourself, and for your family.

Look around and if you like what you see book a 15 min brainstorming call  

If we are the right fit, you will finally know what it means to access your true potential.  
Jean-Paul Gravel
Founder of ThroughConversation, Jean-Paul Gravel is a human potential coach, author, and speaker, whose work has been endorsed by top CEOs, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, senior US military, and many others. 

Jean-Paul was born to a very dysfunctional family and believed that he was a product of his environment. His life took an unexpected turn one day in 1996 while in New York City. That day, through a deeply personal experience, Jean-Paul realized that life is an illusion which is created in our minds, and that rapid evolution is indeed possible. That moment was the beginning of a 26-year journey of self-discovery.

Over the past two decades, he has developed and perfected a system that quickly and dramatically improves emotional state, relationships, and performance levels - simultaneously. 

Today, Jean-Paul coaches ultra-high achievers on how to create a bigger impact in the world, live a fuller life, and leave a bigger legacy.
many of our clients
become great friends

Medical doctors, senior US military, top CEOs and many others have done and endorsed ThroughConversation.
Various news media have featured the program. 

If you’d like more information or are interested, contact us today.

– and join The Conversation.

Brandy taking Jean-Paul to North Vancouver for a hike in the woods.
 Jean-Paul and Jim at a Chelsea game in London, UK.
Robert and Jean-Paul spending the evening at Bacchus Lounge.
Jean-Paul and Michelle in front of Hawksworth Restaurant. 
Rahim surprising Nina with flowers at the end of her program. 
Rahim and Jean-Paul 5 years after the program. 
Stefanie and Jean-Paul at Hy’s Steakhouse.  
Andrew’s last session, he’s clearly going to miss Jean-Paul.
Maya - Jean-Paul's Birthday party!
Jean-Paul and Kid playing in the water.
Bart and Jean-Paul enjoying time together at Evolution lounge.
 Eric shows Olga, Masha, and Jean-Paul a different view of the city.
Jean-Paul is giving Peter a Zoom session.
Peter and Jean-Paul having drinks.
ThroughConversation Reunion Party: Kid, Olga, Andrew, Eric, Bart, Eric, Rahim, Jean-Paul, Peter, and Stephanie.
Olga, Keith, Jean-Paul, Masha, and Alissa at Mount Baker in Washington. 
Jean-Paul and Olaf at Bacchus Lounge for the Concierge Magazine photo shoot
Jean-Paul and Olga going to a ThroughConversation event 
ThroughConversation event at the Vancouver Club. 
Peter Legge  Interviewing  Jean-Paul Gravel at the Vancouver Club.
F-1 racing in Dubai
Jean-Paul and Olga in the desert
Jean-Paul and Olga at The Portland Tango Festival  (2009)
Jean-Paul and Olga at Seasons in the Park, Vancouver  (2019)

"You'll be better & greater for it. 
It's life-changing..."

Shanelle, President & CEO

"I've done a lot of growth work and I've worked with a lot of different people. 

I spent a year with Tony Robbins working at a very, very high level with him. Tony Robbins changed my life for sure. As many, many people have, I've done lots of different programs. 

But working with JP? None of the programs I've done have been more impactful in my life than this one..

My business has changed. My relationships have changed. Where I'm growing in my business is vastly different. How much money I've actually made is significant because of the program, just because I deal with things differently in how I'm negotiating and how I'm going into my business meetings.

I could only create and build a company based on what my level of thinking was. So if my level of thinking was here, that's where my company's going to grow to. But now I've expanded my belief systems. I've expanded how I see things. And I have the confidence to be able to not just go from here, but I can go to here and wherever that will take me.

I'm not afraid to do anything anymore."

Working with JP will change your life. 

Let him see you for all you can be.

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