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 Jean-Paul Gravel and Olga Kniazeva, PhD
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BEcome anxiety-free
in 10 Sessions, OR LESS
Are you feeling anxious, stressed out, exhausted, depleted, or irritable?

Have you stopped thriving and are just surviving?

Does it feel like something important is missing from your life?

Are you concerned that this is what the rest of your life might look like?

If this sounds familiar, if you can relate, you've come to the right place.
Jean-Paul Gravel
Founder of ThroughConversation, Jean-Paul Gravel is a human potential coach, author, and speaker, whose work has been endorsed by top CEOs, doctors, and entrepreneurs around the world. 

Born into a very dysfunctional family, Jean-Paul believed he was a product of his environment until his eyes were opened in 1996 through a deeply personal experience that made two things crystal clear.
- That life is an illusion created in our minds
- That very rapid evolution is absolutely possible

That moment was the beginning of a 24-year journey of self-discovery.

Over the past two decades, Jean-Paul has developed and perfected a system that improves emotional health, relationships, and performance levels quickly and effectively. 

With his finely-tuned proprietary process, Jean-Paul has helped hundreds of individuals build happier, more fulfilled, and stress-free lives. 
“The happiness, the contentment, the satisfaction that I feel inside… It’s indescribable” 

– Harold, Emergency Physician, 
39 years of anxiety and depression,
gone in less than 10 sessions. 
Vancouver, BC
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Let’s talk frankly for a minute shall we?

You want to feel fantastic. 

You want to wake up with a clear head, full of energy and excited for the day. 

You've tried a few solutions, but they haven't given you the results you hoped for, and 'powering through' is wearing you down day after day.

Putting a bandage on your problems simply won't work for you anymore; you need to get to the root of the problem.

You need to deal with what’s really causing this stress: Your limiting beliefs. Doing so will cause you to experience huge improvements in how you handle life's ups and downs. 

How are we different?
Our unique process allows you to reconnect with your peace of mind and gets you back to being happy. 

Our proven tools and techniques will get to the root of your problem and eliminate it quickly.
We will provide you everything you need to feel comfortable, confident, happy, and fulfilled.

All in 10 sessions, or less. 
That’s why we’ve been featured in many well-respected media outlets and that’s why over 40 of our clients have gone on camera to share their transformation. 

Our process just works.
If you’re ready, to start your journey back to peace and happiness, book your discovery session now. If you decide that this is the right path for you, your entire life will evolve to a new sense of contentment and comfort in 10 sessions or less. 

No wasted time, no wasted effort.

Don't you deserve to feel fantastic again?

“Jean-Paul and the program helped me get 
a dream back – being happy. 
I found a sense of self-acceptance and happiness I’ve never known. 

I’m eternally grateful, Jean-Paul, 
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– Bev, Senior Executive, Vancouver, BC
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YOUR PATH TO FREEDOM starts with throughconversation

ThroughConversation is a fully customized 1-on-1 program designed to work with your individual needs, aspirations, and lifestyle.

It is a proprietary process that works much faster than traditional therapy or counselling.

It is based on neuroscience

1) Your brain creates neural pathways that encourage specific, repetitive thoughts, feelings, and actions.

2) Beliefs are at the root of all these thoughts, feelings and actions.

3) To achieve profound and lasting transformation, you must remove your self-limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs that support your goals and aspirations. 

Our program has a specific start and end date, it is not a revolving door process where you have to come back again and again.

There is no need to dive into your past or to dig up painful memories to succeed in this process. We have proven this time and time again. 

You will notice improvements in emotional health, mental clarity, relationships, and performance levels within 1-2 sessions. This is not a gimmick, nor is it a sales pitch. It is the straight truth as proven by our hundreds of satisfied clients.

The ThroughConversation methodology is ONLY practiced by our company.

who is this for?
You are the perfect candidate for the ThroughConversation program if:

- You are at least 40 years old

- You are stressed, anxious, depressed, or deal with chronic stress or burnout

- You want to be the best version of yourself, for yourself, and for your family

- You want to see results quickly, not take tiny steps over years of therapy or counselling
it's easy
1. Book a complimentary Discovery Session

2. Meet with us either in our offices, or via a video call

3. If we are a fit you can book your first session

“I have a life now that I wake up in the morning and it’s almost like the birds are constantly chirping, joy and happiness, constantly.” 
– Simone, Entrepreneur
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unbeatable results

Over 40 people willing to dedicate their own time to helping you understand 
just how well ThroughConversation works. 

People give video testimonials because they want you to know 
about the MASSIVE results you will get.

There is a common theme in each of them. 

That you can expect improvement in every aspect of your life.

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