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ThroughConversation™ is an exclusive process for those who value having optimal emotional health, extraordinary relationships, superior confidence, and enhanced mental clarity

What would you like for yourself?


ThroughConversation™ is a leader in the field of human potential. Our one-on-one programs use a proven process that quickly improves emotional state, mental acuity, relationships, and performance levels – simultaneously.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you want to become a better version of yourself. Someone who can communicate without reacting, is more confident, more present, much happier, more fulfilled, at peace, and has extra clarity about life and the future.

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How does it work?

We use a proprietary process that removes mental and emotional blockages which have accumulated over a lifetime. We deliver the results we promise without asking our clients to rehash their past and without digging deep into their lives.

“My relationship with my wife, my kids, my family and friends have improved immensely!”

Rahim Lakhani, CEO

“You feel joyful. Not afraid. You feel like you can do anything”

Jodi, Yoga teacher

“It’s a free world for me now, I’m flying now, I’m flying out there!”

Satvinder, Longshoreman

“You come in as one person and leave more yourself than you’ve even been!”

Bart, Entrepreneur

“I live on a more positive, happy vibe now"

Emily, Student

“I watched my boyfriend go through this process a year earlier, and wanted to get his results!”

Rennata, Health practitioner

“For 30 years I was trying to get some place, and I could not get there. And Jean-Paul gave me my dream back – being happy.”

Beverly, Senior executive

“All the depression, all the anxiety are going to go away, and like me, you will start loving rainy days.”

Genesis, Makeup artist

“This was the best thing I've ever done!”

Lorenzo, Digital compositor

“It changes your game! Completely changes your game!”

Shanelle, President and CEO

“I just wanted my mind to be peaceful. Now I wake up in the morning and it’s like birds are constantly chirping. Joy and happiness, constantly”


“The happiness, the contentment, the satisfaction that I feel inside... It's indescribable.”

Harold, Medical Doctor

“I just wanted to be happy, and this is exactly what this program gave me”

Debbie, Grandmother

“From the first session, things started to improve - confidence, obsessive negative thoughts, emotional stability, OCD, anxiety”

Carla, Project manager

“It's really a miracle! [The program] just works”

Cindy, Accountant

“In all aspects of my life, it’s improved. Health, emotional, love, money, business. There’s not an aspect that it doesn’t seem to have touched”

Rob, Senior executive

“ThroughConversation got me closer to my family and helped me identify what's really important to me”

Danny, IT consultant

“You come out the other end a different person and that different person is much more enthusiastic and excited about life!”

Jon, Retired CEO

“The program far exceeded my expectations. I had a certain expectation, and I think I got ten times that!”

Eric, Home builder

“I’m doing this program. I made that decision before I even got here!”

Maya Summer, HR Manager

Jean-Paul and Olga

Jean-Paul and Olga are a personal development team that specialize in maximizing human potential. Their clients range from mid-career professionals to business executives to retirees. The ThroughConversation office is located in downtown Vancouver, Canada.

Programs are delivered in many destinations worldwide.


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