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Nina saw her husband Rahim go through the program a year earlier. She was so impressed with his transformation that she wanted to experience it for herself.
– Nina – Emotional Freedom / Relationships
1 min 28 seconds
Andrew wanted more out of life. He wanted to improve his business performance as well as his personal relationships. Watch him share what he got. 
– Andrew, Principal – Emotional Freedom / Performance
1 min 18 seconds
Rob was looking to invest in himself to move his life forward. Watch him speak about how the program helped him get more out of his life’s runway. 
– Rob – Senior executive – 
Performance Program / Emotional Freedom / Relationships
1 min 5 seconds
Harold had been suffering from anxiety and depression for 39 years and had tried everything, but nothing worked. Until he found ThroughConversation. Watch him speak about how he achieved emotional freedom. 
– Harold, Medical Doctor – Emotional Freedom
1 min 42 seconds
Bart wanted to increase his revenue and improve his business. He was blown away by how much more the program gave him. 
– Bart, Entrepreneur – Performance program
1 min 26 seconds
Jon was intrigued by the concept of limiting beliefs and wanted to experience what life would be like if he let go of self-imposed limitations. Watch his share his discovery. 
– Jon, Retired CEO – Emotional Freedom
1 min 7 seconds

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