Speaking Events

Vancouver Executives Association, July 11, 2018

Location: Terminal City Club

How to Grow Your Business Without Working on Your Business

As a business owner/leader, you are committed to the success of your businesses. But you might not realize the most significant success factor that determines your long-term success.

It’s not what you say or how you present. It’s not having the right ideas or knowing how to get everyone to collaborate. It’s not what you look like, what you wear or your posture.

The most critical success factor you bring to the table is the inner VALUE you represent. How others perceive your value, above all else, is what will determine the success of all your business endeavours, now and in the future. Fortunately, there are proven ways to positively impact how your business associates to perceive your value.

TEC-Canada, July 17, 2018

Location: Vancouver

How to Elevate Your Value to Grow Your Business – 3-hour workshop

In this engaging insight-filled 3 hour facilitated experience, founder of ThroughConversation Personal Development Inc., Jean-Paul Gravel will provide insight on how people perceive your real “value”. Each participant will learn practical tools for how to raise their value in the eyes of the people with whom they work with by focusing on the 5 foundational needs of all human beings – what Jean-Paul calls
The 5 Pillars of Value.

VIP event in collaboration with Doyle and Associates, October 16, 2018

Location: Vancouver Club

Grow Your Business – by focusing on yourself

You would think that success in business involves creating the best product lines, having the right marketing plan, hiring the best talent, tightening internal operations, controlling costs and finances, raising capital, etc. Yes, all those are important, but not as critical as you think.

Do you know that the most important thing you bring to any table, is yourself? Not just what you are saying or presenting, not what you look like, not even your posture, but rather your emotional state and the inner VALUE you represent, is what will determine the success of your business endeavours.

In this compelling talk, founder of ThroughConversation Personal Development Inc. Jean-Paul Gravel will unpack how people perceive your “value” and show you how you can raise your value in the eyes of other people by focusing on the five foundational needs of all human beings – “the Five pillars”.

Hycroft University Women’s Club, October 23, 2018

Location: Hycroft University Women’s Club

Public Talk: The Power of Emotional Freedom

Join us for a fun filled evening and discover the hidden Power of Emotional Freedom.

You can supercharge your life and live each day with more peace of mind, more happiness, and more zest. Every conversation you have, with everyone, including your partner, kids, and even yourself, can be much better.

Did you know that you can ‘unclutter’ your mind and instantaneously gain access to more peace of mind, focus, and a lot more freedom? Accessing your untapped potential is as simple as deleting corrupt files on your computer’s hard-drive. By removing subconscious mental and emotional blocks, you will free up the space to create more with your life.

This thought-provoking and enlightening talk will take you on a journey of discovery on why you do what you do, why you feel the way you feel, and why you think the way you think, and what it really takes to create the life of your dreams. Jean-Paul will guide you to explore the Five Pillars of Emotional Freedom. This experiential conversation will open your eyes to self-imposed barriers and empower you to live with more ease and awareness in your life and career.