Save Your Marriage


… and improve every area of your life at the same time,

without wasting any more time or having to rehash your past!


Are you losing your marriage?

Are you thinking about what the divorce would cost you, and your family?

You don’t need to see a therapist or counsellor indefinitely!

We can help you turn your marriage around,
in only ten sessions!

Do you want:

– Better Communication?
– More Trust?
– Emotional Intimacy?
– Divorce Busting that works extremely fast?
– Tools to help you succeed in your relationship?
– And a much happier life?

Here is something you need to know about us:

Our success rate is greater than 95%.

We are the only company we know of with over 5 hours of video 
testimonials from many people from all walks of life,

willing to share their experiences, so openly – on video camera.

We also offer a money back guarantee, which is unheard of in the one-on-one coaching industry.

Transform Your Relationship in a Matter of Weeks


What we do: 


We offer a solution that will help you restore your marriage, and do so within a very limited timeframe – only ten sessions!


  Our solution will simultaneously improve all areas of your personal and professional life. 


Instead of patching up a broken relationship,
we find and remove the root cause of why the issues emerged in the first place.


Traditional counseling is long, can be very unpleasant for both parties involved, and dredges up issues that then need to be individually addressed. 


This is not how the ThroughConversation system works. We go straight to, and deal with, the root cause of why the marriage is breaking down. As the root cause is eliminated, things begin to rebuild from a natural, non-forceful way. You would think non-forceful means slow, but it’s the exact opposite.


This program is fast. 


Each person does his or her own program, in a very comfortable setting, and the results are almost immediate. If you want to know more about the experience, watch the video testimonial below. There will be no doubt in your mind that this is an entirely different way of quickly improving relationships, as well as every other aspect of your life. If you have kids, they will see the difference within weeks.



You know I came here expecting to find a way … to end somewhat amicably a 35-year marriage. And now I’m not doing that, and I don’t have to tell my kids why, I don’t have to tell anybody why. People that we know are looking at us and saying what kind of Kool-Aid are you two drinking, and that’s a way better place to be than where I thought we were going to be.

Does this sound like you?




– We argue a lot and can’t seem to get along, 
  or avoid each other so that we don’t argue


– We never seem to see eye to eye


It’s hard to feel like my partner is dependable


– I don’t feel that I am heard


I feel that we are disconnected 


– I don’t feel respected, cared for, loved, and appreciated 


– I don’t know if we love each other anymore


– I feel bored, stuck, or stagnated in our marriage


– There is too much blame going around


I feel that I am losing my marriage and something needs to change, fast…




If you want to save your marriage, this program may be what you are looking for


Save Your Marriage



… and improve every single area of your life at the same time,

in only ten sessions, and without having to rehash your past!



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What Will I Get?

Free your mind
and connect
on a deeper level

Dissolve mental and emotional blocks that prevent your relationship from flourishing. Get your own fully customized range of tools and techniques to set your mind free from unproductive thought patterns and become your best self

and Peace of Mind

You will live with more compassion, joy, and happiness, every day of your life. Develop a powerful mindset and embrace a positive outlook that will change how you interact
with your partner
in a very positive way

More Meaningful

You will have stronger,
more meaningful relationship with your spouse, and with everyone in your life.
Connect with you partner, speak your mind from a healthy place and with ease, and deepen your relationship

Elevate Your 
Marriage to a Whole New Level

You will see an incredible
positive transformation
in your marriage,
as well as every other
area of your life.
Don’t just cope, experience powerful breakthroughs, fall in love again, and live a happy and fulfilled life together!


“It’s night and day, I mean our relationship has completely done a one eighty. [Before the program] it was on the surface good, everything looked really good but underneath we weren’t connecting. After the program, after ThroughConversation, we are completely different. There’s no stress around us talking. There is us connecting, giggling, laughing, playing, you know, it’s completely like back when we were dating.” 
– Rahim, CEO

Dissolve self-limiting beliefs that negatively impact your relationship

You will learn how the mind works and how your beliefs impact your perception and reactions to your partner. We will systematically identify and break down limiting beliefs that cause your relationship to deteriorate: you will notice your positive changes in how you relate and interact with you partner in a matter of weeks

Learn to navigate life with ease

You will learn, practice, and internalize a variety of teachings that will help you navigate life with ease, including your most important relationships. By the end of the program, you will walk away with an updated understanding of how relationships work, and the tools that will allow you to re-create your marriage the way you really want. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice many different techniques that will not only help you create healthier relationships, but also improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and professional performance.

Achieve incredible
results in a very short period of time

By working directly with your belief system, we help rewire your mind and significantly improve your marriage and your quality of life very quickly. This experiential process will involve all parts of your being – your conscious and subconscious mind, your emotions and physical body, as well as your analytical and creative sides. You will feel great, and have a much clearer perspective in regards to your relationship with you partner, as well as the world around you.

Save Your Marriage



… and improve every single area of your life at the same time



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What Our Clients Say

“I came here expecting to find a way really to end somewhat amicably a thirty five year marriage and now I’m not doing that. And I don’t have to tell my kids why, I don’t have to tell anybody why. People that we know are looking at us and saying what kind of Kool-Aid are you two drinking and that’s a way better place to be than where I thought we were going to be.” 
– Ginny, RN

“I came in to ThroughConversation thinking I was going to get a divorce and how to have a successful co-parenting relationship with my partner in raising our kids… and I’m in love! I’m in love! So yes, I got more than what I desired, I thought I knew what I wanted and here I am in a place where I have a relationship not like before but better with my husband and my kids.” 
– Jen, Mom

“[The program] did give me what I desired and it gave me more than that. It saved my marriage, kept us together but at the same time it gave me some fantastic side benefits with relationships with family and friends and everybody in my life, as well as setting me up really well for the future.” 
– Stephen, Senior Executive

“What impressed me the most was the transformation that happened to me in these two months. The transformation of me and my wife.” 
– Doug, Entrepreneur

“My relationship with my husband improved immensely. I’m really enjoying it, he is enjoying it, we could see it. There is love in the air.”
– Beverly, Senior Executive

“The people that really matter in my life, those relationships are getting better, bigger, more loving. And how does it happen… Overnight?”
– Sue, Semi-retired business owner

How does it work?


Your entire life experiences, including your experience of being in a relationship, stem from the same place – your belief system.


The vast array of beliefs that you have, such as your beliefs about yourself, about others, and about the relationship you are in, directly impact the way you interact with your partner. Your belief system is the filter through which you see your entire life.


Therefore, it is important to remember that your relationships are simply reflections of you. The best way to develop inspiring, powerful, loving relationships with your partner is to be in harmony with your own self. Only by improving yourself will you inspire others to be different around you. Hence your best relationships start with the most important one in your life – the one with yourself.
My partner and I are having serious relationship problems. How will this work help us?
It is not really possible to significantly and permanently improve a dysfunctional relationship if certain beliefs don’t change. That is why traditional marriage counselling is ineffective. You can work on certain aspects of a relationship, such as communication, listening, lifestyles, sharing, etc., but any such solutions will only be temporary. The problems will re-emerge in a new form.
Jean-Paul will be able to identify your limiting beliefs, the ones who have lead you to a troubled relationship. He will then help you gently shift those beliefs and re-create your relationship into a very healthy one. You will learn to see each other differently, hear each other fully, and be with one another in an entirely different, and much more loving way.
My partner does not want to do the program. What do I do?
It may be counterintuitive, but it is possible to recreate an unhealthy relationship even if only one partner does the work. By connecting to your own truth, your own self, and by learning how to be with people without reacting you will notice that people around you will have no choice but to change. They will become calmer, more balanced, and more compassionate. This new way of being is really quite contagious.
What does the program look like?
Our Save My Marriage Program is a customized program that involves a series of purposefully crafted, empowering conversations that dissolve your limiting beliefs and help your mind perceive and react to things differently. Our standard program includes 10 (ten) sessions spread out one to two weeks apart that build on each other in a sequential fashion in order to create and solidify the results.  Simple assignments are given to do in between the sessions which are designed to allow your mind to adapt and expand at a very fast rate. Shifts will begin happening from the moment you have your first session.
Each person does his or her own individual program, so in essence these are two program running concurrently. While we encourage couples to do the program together wherever possible, depending on circumstances, you can also do the program on your own. 

ThroughConversation™ is full spectrum work that will take your life, career, health, and relationships to the next level. 


Each person that comes to us does so with a very different set of needs; therefore, each person gets a customized and unique approach. The program you receive will be suited to your personality and lifestyle.


If we work with you, you will achieve unprecedented results. Period.


Watch the video to learn more

Who is a ThroughConversation client?

A ThroughConversation client: 

– Is an individual who is 40 years of age, or above

– Does not want to waste time, and values working with someone who is capable of delivering consistent and predictable results 

Some of the reasons to seek the program:

– A desire to work with someone who has an impeccable track record at bringing couples back together

 A need to save the marriage in the shortest amount of time possible

– A dislike of the traditional couples counselling session dynamic where each person has to re-hash the past and experience “finger pointing” 

– A need to create loving and inspiring relationships within his or her family very quickly


What is the cost of the ThroughConversation program?

These exclusive programs are customized to your unique personality traits, and this is why they are as effective as they are. They require a great deal of effort on our part, therefore we are only able to work with a very limited number of people at a time. The cost of your program is based on your individual situation and needs and will be determined during your initial consultation; that being said, the cost is reflective of the effectiveness and high demand for these programs.

To understand how important this program is for you and whether you are ready to enroll, ask yourself the following questions:
– How much is it costing me (physically, emotionally, financially, socially, relationship wise, etc…) to continue living with my issues?
– What would it be worth to me to experience a deep, rapid, and measurable improvement in the quality of my life in the direction of peace, health, happiness, and performance?

If you are interested in this approach and want to know if it is the right fit for you, the next course of action is to schedule your complimentary initial consultation and learn more.

How do I enrol?

With any one of our programs, there is an initial consultation in order to make sure that we can provide you with the kind of training that suits your needs. Likewise, there are requirements to being accepted into the program and those are also taken into consideration before final enrollment is granted.


If you are interested in learning more about our programs, book yourself in using the blue “book your consultation” tab. This will give us the opportunity to learn more about each other and choose the next steps powerfully.


If your spouse wants to participate in the program with you, you need to attend the consultation together. However, depending on circumstances, some people choose to participate in the Save My Marriage program by themselves, and that it also totally acceptable. Please discuss with us during your booking process.


Save Your Marriage



… and improve every single area of your life at the same time



Schedule your complimentary initial consultationWatch what our clients say