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Sample Interview Questions

The following interview questions are offered as suggestions and to help guide the outline of your interview. Please feel free to ask any questions you like within the general areas of Jean-Paul’s expertise.

Emotional health and wellbeing

Far too many people are struggling with anxiety and depression today. With all the information out there, what do we still misunderstand about anxiety and depression/what are we missing?

Is it really possible to get rid of anxiety and depression?

How long does it take to get rid of anxiety/depression?

Canadians and Americans are among the top consumers of anti-depressants. What is your opinion about use of medication for depression and anxiety?

You say that conventional talk therapy will be replaced by more holistic and forward-thinking methods soon. With only about 20-30% success rate, where did conventional therapy drop the ball, and what can we do to get better results?

What is the most important thing people should remember when they are struggling with anxiety and/or depression?

What is the biggest secret people need to know in order to set themselves free from anxiety and depression?

Family and Relationships

About 50% of couples end up in divorce and marriage counselling is often not successful in resolving relationship issues. You say that marriage counselling is going about it all wrong. Why is that and what can we do instead?

How is it that can you turn a relationship around in a very short period of time?

What is the most important thing people should know when it comes to creating and maintaining healthy relationships?

If one of the partners is not interested in trying to improve a relationship, is there anything the other partner can do to save it?

What are the main reasons people experience challenges in their relationships?

Most family therapists tell their clients to focus on a number of specific issues, such as communication, sharing of responsibilities, roles of other people, attitudes to raising children, etc. You say that this advice—well intentioned as it may be—often leads to some very negative consequences. How so?

Performance training and personal development

One would think that to grow your business you need to focus on things like having the right marketing plan, hiring the best talent, tightening internal operations, controlling costs and finances, raising capital, etc. You say that one can grow the business without working directly on the business. Can you explain what that means?

How can we improve our business performance by focusing on our emotional health?

What does your emotional state tie into growing a successful business?

Personal story and ThroughConversation™

You have a fascinating life story; and growing up to become an international speaker and coach was not something you could possibly have dreamed about. Can you tell me a bit about your life and how you got to where you are today?

Is it really possible to change someone’s life with only one conversation?

What are some of the ‘a-ha!’ moments that redirected your life in this direction?

What was the biggest obstacle you faced, and how did you overcome it?

How did ThroughConversation™ come about?

ThroughConversation is a methodology with a very high success rate. What makes your method so effective?


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