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Robert’s testimonial

Question:                   Tell us about your life before Through Conversation?

Robert:                       My life before ThroughConversation, I was getting to a point where I was really platooning. I’m a performance driven individual, I’ve achieved you know decent things in life with being an entrepreneur and moving forward with my businesses and personally but I was getting to a point where I think it just wasn’t going enough with it and I was having issues with that. As someone who’s getting you know performance you know year after year achieving and then all of a sudden hitting that level, much like you know a body builder, weight lifter does in a gym, they just can’t get past that plateau and that’s what was happening to me.

Question:                    What were you able to achieve with Jean-Paul’s help?

Robert:                        I was able to achieve a lot of things both personally and professionally. On a personal level I think just being generally happier and that happiness is infectious, the people around you see it, you know whether it’s at the workplace or on a personal level and I was seeing it. It didn’t come at the very end of the program, it was in the first few sessions, it was changing and that was really unique to see, that was really kind of a game changer for me and any communications. Communicating with people changed drastically, it really was an amazing experience how that was changing for me and how people were you know effectively communicating back to me, you know especially in the workplace you know that was really big for me because you know if everyone’s communicating better, things are going to go in the right direction.

Question:                    How was your experience working with Jean-Paul?

Robert:                        It’s hard to describe really, he tailor makes the program to you, and it’s a one on one experience like no other one on one experience. I think he gets to, well I know he gets to know you, he learns who you are and what you need, how to push you to move you forward. For any senior level executive you know that’s powerful, that is something that I don’t know if you could find anywhere else. So the experience with Jean-Paul was amazing, I can’t say enough about it, we work so well together and he changed who I was and understood where I needed to go and that’s I can’t think of enough of that.

Question:                    What impressed you the most about this work?

Robert:                        I think it was just session by session, the progression that we were making and the rapid progression. I think that really you know people want to see results, I’m a results driven individual and I was already seeing results you know after the first couple sessions. It was quite transforming for me and I’ve worked with a lot of very intense people, very driven people, in business and this was something that really was you know blew me away. It’s a program beyond programs as far as I’m concerned.

Question:                    What would you say t someone who is considering this program?

Robert:                        I would say absolutely consider it, knowing what I know and it’s easy for me to say that because I’ve gone through the program, but knowing what I know absolutely consider the program. If you have the ability to want or need and desire to meet with Jean-Paul, I would definitely at the very least do the initial consultation and you can decide but I’m so glad I did and I’m an individual that’s very realistic in my approach. So I think for me to do it, was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Question:                    How would you describe the return on investment of this program?

Robert:                       You know I couldn’t even tell you what the ROI would be, it’s so much more than what I initially thought I was going to get out of it. It speaks volumes, the program is so much more valuable than what you actually put in monetary. Once you do this program you can go off and do whatever you want, you can change the way you are, the way the people are around, you can move forward, so much more forward in life.
Question:                    Is there anything else you would like to add?

Robert:                       You know this this program ThroughConversation changed things for me, it really did. It pushed me to a level that I never thought I could go, working with Jean-Paul was amazing you know, he got to know who I was. This wasn’t some generic program, this is a program where we got to know each other and he really understood my shoes and where I need to be pushed and he did that for me and I think this is something that any senior level executive should really, really take a look at. If I was to present this to a board of senior executives, I would say just that, if you’ve gone to a certain level and you can’t go any higher this is something for you. This is something you need to look at because this can take you to that next level and that’s what Jean-Paul did for me, it really, I got more than I ever thought it would get out of it.


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