ThroughConversation retreats are a great way to combine exciting vacation with personal development and self-realization. We offer a variety of programs for different tastes and budgets.

European Group Retreats

ThroughConversation™ Emotional Freedom Retreats are personal development programs offered to groups, individuals and couples in over a dozen countries worldwide. Group retreats are held once a year in specialized retreat centres during the entire month of August. These retreats are hosted annually in The Netherlands, Sweden,  and Southern France. More information:


International Experiences and Couples Getaways 

If you like travelling to exotic destinations, you will enjoy the opportunity to experience the program in the setting of your choice. These programs are offered in Vancouver as well as different locations around the world. If you want to participate in a ThroughConversation program as a Personal Retreat Holiday or as a Couples Getaway, please visit: