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This One Program Will Give You Emotional Freedom, 
Improve All Of Your Relationships, Revitalize Your Marriage, And Increase Your Personal And Professional Performance
Essentially, you will reach your life's new peak

ThroughConversation™ has a 100% success rate. 

Every single one of our students has experienced multidimensional impact beyond their wildest dreams. 

Over 70 in-depth video Case Studies of people from all walks of life.

People take time out of their schedules to record video testimonials 
because they want you to know how much better your life could be. Just like the experience they have had working with JP.

Click below and watch:

"I am one of the co-founders and CEO of a multi-billion dollar organization
With Jean-Paul's help, I was able to achieve a ton of different things in my life, my anxiety has gone away, I sleep well at night, when I eat, I'm able to digest my food. My physical health is significantly better.
I have been able to connect with my wife at such a deeper level than frankly, any time I can remember over the last 20 years. 
I'm able to achieve more at my work while also frankly working fewer hours. My business has more than doubled, and it's going to double again next year. My negotiation skills have improved, my energy levels are higher, my confidence levels are higher, my happiness is, is through the roof. And so, with his help, I've been able just to achieve this different kind of existence. And, and across every dimension of my life, things have gotten a lot better."
- Tim, Co-founder and CEO
Performance, Emotional Freedom, Relationships
“It gave me my marriage back, it made my marriage better than it was almost in the entire existence of my marriage,
we are like newlyweds again,
 it’s like the honeymoon is all the time” 

– Bryan
Save My Marriage Program

“We are connected again. We don’t have any fear about talking to each other about anything anymore, it’s an open book, and it is so beautiful and refreshing… 
It’s better than it was even before, when it was good, when we were newly married...” 

– Jennifer
Save My Marriage Program
“I really thought it was going to be coping skills and exercises and things like that. And what I had received out of this program is a new life. I spend more time with my wife and kid than anybody I know. My wife likes me. We're having fun together, we're laughing we're giggling, we're acting like we're newlyweds. Maybe even before that maybe like when we first met, we were just super infatuated with each other. 
I've made more money in the time that I've been in this program than I made last year. I have grown my business.
 It's completely life changing.”
Saved his marriage, eliminated anxiety, 
and increased his business revenue by 300% in just a few months

Save My Marriage Program– Craig
"What impressed me the most about this work is that it was easy, it was fun, it was tangible. I saw instant results… I was working on leadership in my business, but strangely enough
  I saw instant results with my relationships with my children, and my family, and my friends, and my neighbours, and my community, everything. And because it was so easy, you know, it just became fun, fun and easy, those are the words, fun and easy. And highly highly effective… 

With Jean-Pauls help, I doubled my revenue from 10M to 20M in just a few months"

Performance, Emotional Freedom, Relationships 
- Marlo,  Founder 
"If it was not for this program, I believe I would have been divorced, and living separately from my children and husband. But this program has turned it around. My relationship with my husband has gotten a lot better. We love each other more. We're more affectionate. Especially in front of our kids. My kids love to see us hug and kiss. And it just brings back memory, back when I first date my husband in high school. And yeah, like this lovey dovey feeling, I'm enjoying this. And I really appreciate JP’s help. Because his amazing work has changed our lives for the better. And now we're all happy. And we all love JP."

Save My Marriage Program
- Dr. Alan and Marianne
"ThroughConversation has impacted every little part of my life.

 I was hoping for some contentment and really, I have a lot of happiness. And I don’t know any other place I could have got this. 

It’s been far beyond my expectations and I’m very, very, happy with it."

39 Years of anxiety and depression, 
solved in less than 10 sessions

 - Harold, Medical Doctor
"The best way to describe the Through Conversation program is that know, you met up with Jean Paul, you guys talked, you laughed, you ended up thinking different, feeling different, and then you notice yourself acting different and then you grow from that.

 And then you meet up again, and then you talked and you laughed and you experienced massive growth again and you’re just you’re noticing these new things about yourself and then you can do these over and over and over and then “boom”, you’re just sort of light up, you’re ‘lit’. And that is kind of the program, and you just can’t go back the way that you were, it is just impossible, you’re just this new person."

Performance - Kid, Radio Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur
"I hated my husband before, I didn’t wanna see his face, ever! And now... I love him, I do (crying) and… I like living with him. I was exhausted, I was depressed. I was angry, I was consumed with anger and I felt trapped… And now I feel free. I feel happy, I’m crying because I’m happy (crying)" 
- Candice
Save My Marriage 

"It has stopped all the bickering and all the confusion and all the attacks and all the… you know the little things that every marriage has, well, that’s not there anymore. And it’s so much more enjoyable to be around my wife and you can see it also in the children, which is just as important to me... yeah it’s just one eighty." 
 - Miguel
Save my Marriage
"It changed the way that I thought at the most root level. It changed the way that I behaved at the most root level. I can’t explain it, but it’s just, it changed me, and it changed the way that I see the world, that I see people, that I see situations.

It really took me from living an average life, 
to living an extraordinary life!"

Save My Marriage,  Performance
- Rahim, CEO
"Every aspect of my life has changed. I sleep better, I have better relationships with my kids.

The marriage between my husband and I is fantastic, I think it’s the best we have ever, ever been. 

It’s like being back in love when we first met."

Save My Marriage
- Nina, Mom
“I came here expecting to find a way really to end somewhat amicably a thirty five year marriage, and now I’m not doing that. And I don’t have to tell my kids why, I don’t have to tell anybody why. People that we know are looking at us and saying “what kind of Kool-Aid are you two drinking”, and that’s a way better place to be than where I thought we were going to be.”
Save My Marriage Program - Ginny

“[The program] did give me what I desired and it gave me more than that. It saved my marriage, kept us together, but at the same time it gave me some fantastic side benefits with relationships with family and friends and everybody in my life, as well as setting me up really well for the future.”

– After 35 years, they wanted to give their Marriage and life 
the best chance possible. 

Save My Marriage - Stephen
"Jean-Paul and the program made the difference 
and helped me get a dream back – being happy. 

I found a sense of self-acceptance and happiness I’ve never known. I’m eternally grateful, Jean-Paul, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

50 years of anxiety, 30 years of her trying to figure it out... 
solved in less than 10 sessions 

Emotional Freedom Program - Bev, Business Executive
"In all aspects of my life, it’s improved. Health, emotional, love, money, business. There’s not an aspect that it doesn’t seem to have touched. 

The work is impacting my business, it’s brought back a creativity, and it’s brought back that desire to push forward, to invoke change, to not push the envelope, redesign the envelope and move forward. To look towards a brighter better future." 

Performance, Emotional Freedom, Relationships

- Rob, Senior Executive
"This program changed things for me, it really did. 
It pushed me to a level that I never thought I could go. 

This wasn’t some generic program, this is a program where we got to know each other and Jean-Paul really understood my issues and where I need to be pushed and he did that for me. And I think this is something that any senior level executive should really, really take a look at because this can take you to that next level. And that’s what Jean-Paul did for me. 

I got more than I ever thought it would get out of it.

- Robert, 40 Under 40 CEO alumnus
"I've done a lot of growth work and I've worked with a lot of different people. I spent a year with Tony Robbins working at a very, very high level with him. Tony Robbins changed my life for sure. As many, many people have, I've done lots of different programs. 

But working with JP? None of the programs I've done have been more impactful in my life than this one..

My business has changed. My relationships have changed. Where I'm growing in my business is vastly different. How much money I've actually made is significant because of the program, just because I deal with things differently in how I'm negotiating and how I'm going into my business meetings.

I could only create and build a company based on what my level of thinking was. So if my level of thinking was here, that's where my company's going to grow to. But now I've expanded my belief systems. I've expanded how I see things. And I have the confidence to be able to not just go from here, but I can go to here and wherever that will take me.

I'm not afraid to do anything anymore."

 Performance, Emotional Freedom, Relationships
- Shanelle, President and CEO
"It's impossible to describe the program, it really is. 
You just show up and commit and within a relatively short period time in your life you've changed completely, in a good way." 

"You know, it's interesting,
 it's more of you come in as one person 
and you leave being more yourself than you've ever been."

Performance, Emotional Freedom, Relationships 
- Bart, Entrepreneur 
"Probably the most impressive part of this work would be the way that you… without realizing it, you become a different person. But you become a better person. 

You become the person who you know you really naturally are, rather than tied down with life. So you end up with a different perspective on the same things. Different reactions to the same things, just naturally. And that’s incredibly powerful. 
And incredibly positive. " 

Quote from Andrew Hull 2 years after finishing his program below:

“I did the program during the process of starting a Vancouver office of a major contractor. We grew the business from -$250K (setup cost) to $60M in 23 months and from two people to 33. 

Now I am starting a new business and in three meetings have $7M in construction contracts. 
It has been truly transformative, personally and professionally.”

Performance, Emotional Freedom, Relationship
 - Andrew, Principal
"I've got an amazing relationship with my wife now, super deep connection with her. 

My son, I've got a wicked relationship with him now. So beautiful. My relationship at work are amazing. I feel better. I feel amazing. 

Physical health, my mental health is through the roof. I mean, I've got focus, like insane focus. I can… I can commit and get anything done and just create whatever I want. Now, it's like the phenomenal power of creation is, is mine. It's like insane. It's totally insane. It doesn't make any sense. But I can just create sh*t. My work is happening on a completely different level. It's like we're signing deals every week now at work. 

The company's taking off in a completely different directory. It's amazing. I feel better. My sleep is better. My mental health is better. I have phenomenal clarity. I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm like I feel better physically. I'm so so much stronger. 

My friends comment they're like oh my god what like what are you been doing? You look amazing. Like what's going on? It's great.

Emotional Freedom, Save My Marriage, Performance
- David

Working with JP will change your life. 
Let him see you for all you can be.

"I think my biggest achievement that surprised me, that I wasn’t expecting, was this freedom in myself. I feel I came in for answers and resolving issues but I think the biggest achievement was just getting back to being myself again, trusting myself and feeling empowered, 

I think that emotional freedom was by far the most transformative and the most affecting to every aspect of my life. It transformed my relationships, my work, my colleague interaction, my patient interaction. I think that gave me the lease on life that I wanted, and the motivation to create exactly what I want, and become exactly who I want."  

 Emotional Freedom, Relationships
- Rennata, Health Care Practitioner 
I'm a numbers guy: very analytical, very structured. When I first started working with Jean-Paul, I was way outside my comfort zone. I took a leap of faith in his approach based on the testimonials of other clients, who said some things that resonated with me. I'm glad I did. 

The program far exceeded my expectations. From managing stress and anxiety, to business negotiations, to my relationship with my family and friends, Jean-Paul's coaching upped my game in ways I never imagined possible. 

I am living life at a new level of self-awareness, self-confidence, and inner calm, and I have learned powerful new skills that have helped me in business and in my personal life, and made me a better person all around. 
Thanks Jean-Paul.
-Dwight, Entrepreneur, Investor – Emotional freedom / Performance
"ThroughConversation, gave me what I desired. But not in a way that I thought it would. I think instead of it providing external means for me to do things, what it did was give me internal tools to respond to things. 

What changed about me? 

My reaction to others, how I treat people, my reaction to myself how I treat myself, how I view myself not only the external, visible confidence that I exude by virtue of my roles, but also how I actually feel on the inside. 

So my outside persona matches my inside a lot better now."

- Peter, Colonel US Air Force
Performance Program 
"I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with Jean-Paul because I see things differently and I’m much happier and I have a better understanding as well of who I am and where I’m 

ThroughConversation is a very unique program and I can’t even explain to you how unique it is until you actually go through it yourself,

because you come out the other end a different person and that different person is much more enthusiastic and excited about life and I don’t know how it happens but it does, it works." 

Emotional Freedom, Relationships
- Jon, Retired CEO
"The program changes your whole perspective, so you see life in a very enlightened way, a very different way, and a very powerful way. 

It lets you see it in a way that enables you to take control of your life, rather than life controlling you." 

Emotional Freedom, Relationships, Performance
- Eric, Home Builder
“If you were feeling like you’re missing something in your life, in yourself, if you’re feeling like you wanna grow, you wanna learn about how to be a better human, about how to be a better version of yourself, don’t hesitate, just go for it. 

There’s nothing that will not be touched in your life, in your world, by going through the program and your life is much better afterwards. It will take you through the remainder of your days. It’s unlimited… what you learn and how it can be a part of your life. You have unlimited growth."
 Emotional freedom / Performance
Brandy, President 
"My life before ThroughConversation was very depressing.
I was depressed, anxious, I tried multiple different versions of therapy, and it all didn’t work for me. I was on medication and I wanted something different.
 I achieved so much with Jean-Paul’s help. I stopped using medication in four sessions, I stopped feeling depressed, I got energy to live again and I feel comfortable with myself, with friends and social environments. All kinds of things I didn’t have before, I’m not anxious anymore, I feel more confident, and there’s just so much that I experienced through this program.

Over 20 different therapists and counsellors with no results. 
Problems solved in less than 10 sessions
- Jim, Private Investor
"Before I spent a lot of time ruminating, I spent a lot of time in my head. 

I felt there was something spirit wise missing 
and just something emotionally missing. 

I was looking for a life where my mind would be peaceful, and it wasn’t constantly going, and that’s what I’m finding that it’s doing. 

I also have a life now that I wake up in the morning and it’s almost like the birds are constantly chirping, always like joy 
and happiness, constantly." 

Emotional Freedom - Simone, Entrepreneur
"…from the very beginning we dove in deep to start it right away, the work, the process, and just opened me up and made me see clearly about my own self-limiting beliefs. Beliefs I have about other people, about the world, it’s been radical, it’s been gentle, it’s been intuitive, Jean-Paul’s teachings are brilliant and I can say that because as a yoga practitioner for almost twenty years and as a teacher for last fifteen years and just a seeker of teaching and meditation and traveling to be with different teachers, truly after all these years 

this is the most profound experience I’ve had 
and I’m so grateful for your teachings."
Emotional Freedom Retreat – Southern France
– Jody, International Yoga teacher
"I was able to achieve a lot in a short period of time.

 I was able to engage in situations in life that I knew were the right things to do and proceed with them even if they were challenging and even if they were uncomfortable. I was able to engage in them head on and I would say in the past I was probably more afraid to engage in such situations but I feel like now I can, I feel like I can do a lot.

I feel like I can do anything right now."

Relationships, Emotional Freedom, Performance
- Danny, IT Consultant

Working with JP will change your life. 
Let him see you for all you can be.

"I'm much more driven, well I've got ten-fold more focused than I had before. I know what my vision needs to be for the next couple of years of my business and my life. And I find when I'm attending conferences or meetings, I'm actually entering the room as a different person. I'm owning it now... 
Jean-Paul developed tools that basically work on your brain that you don't even know what's happening and you leave the program a better version of yourself. I'm much happier, more effective and more driven than I was before and I've got a much clearer sense of purpose for the rest of my life." - Jeff
Performance Program
"Through the program I feel like because I am more self-aware, and I’ve become more intuitive also. So when I am communicating with others, whether it’s family and friends, or strangers, or people in the work realm, 

it’s almost like time slows down a little bit, and I am able to grasp more of what they are trying to say, not just verbally but through body language.

Emotional Freedom, Relationships, Performance
 - Julia, Lawyer, Entrepreneur
– Michelle, Mom – Emotional freedom
Michelle was tired of the ups and downs. So she came in for her consultation, started her program, problem solved!
"It has changed my life so much in such a positive way, and in so many other areas of my life. For someone who has the opportunity to do it and doesn't take that opportunity, you're truly missing out, 
you are."
Panic Attacks, Emotional Freedom
- Maya
"I looked happy and people thought I was happy all the time but I wasn’t, and only I knew that. I wanted to get out of that circular downward spiral that has no end. I cried a lot, pretty regularly, and I couldn’t really understand what it was that I was doing wrong and how I couldn’t do it by myself. I couldn’t get out of this depression... Now, I’ve got a tool chest, an arsenal of skills, skill sets that I can use for the future and I know they won’t leave me. I can revisit my lessons and I know that I’m on the right track when I do what Jean-Paul has taught me to do, and it works, so it makes me happy. 

17 Year of depressions gone in less than 10 sessions
- Sue, Semi-Retired Business Owner
“My life before ThroughConversation was a very dark place. I was told that I was suffering from depression and anxiety and I was believing that about myself. I was in a place where I could not get out of bed and I was not feeling motivated to do anything… [Through the program] you start to see results pretty quickly. I started to notice little shifts in changes just in the first week after my first session. And then after that every week a knot gets untangled and you just keep getting more results as the weeks go by. You start to see the result in bad behavior that you used to do and then you kind of stop, you pretty much stop doing it and by the time you realize you’re not doing it you’re already too forward.”

 Emotional Freedom Program
– Erik
"This program works, it delivers results. From the first session, things started to improve – confidence, emotional stability, etc. By the end of the program, things keep getting better. Thank you Jean-Paul and Olga for a fantastic journey." 

Panic Attacks, PTSD, Anxiety, OCD
- Carla
"My life before, I was pretty depressed and I had a lot of anxiety, I had probably a mental breakdown every day. I would say once a week at least. I just was not living life, I had no motivation to do anything, and my relationships were down falling.
The way I look at life is completely different now, and the way I live life is so different. I live on a more positive, happy vibe." 

10 years of anxiety and depression gone in less than 10 sessions
- Emily, Student
– Emotional Freedom Program – Genesis had been suffering from depression and anxiety due to emotional trauma that she lived through ten years prior. Nothing she tried ever worked for her and she was looking for help for those half her life – until she found ThroughConversation. In this video she opens up, and tells her story.

  10 years of suffering transformed into beauty 
in less than two months
– Genesis
"Before I came here I was feeling really bad, really terrible, anxiety, couldn’t go to sleep, depressed, didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know where I was going to go, couldn’t make any decision. It was tough, it was tough. And then I decided to come here and it changed my life. ThroughConversation gave me the life that I wanted, I always dreamt about it, and it’s a free world for me now, I’m flying now, 
I’m flying out there, it has changed my life.

54 years of anxiety gone in less than 10 sessions
- Satvinder

Working with JP will change your life. 
Let him see you for all you can be.

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– Save My Marriage Program 
Video Coming Soon!
– Kristin – Save My Marriage
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– Save My Marriage Program 
Video Coming Soon!
– Kristin – Save My Marriage
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– Michael – Save My Marriage
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– Andrew – Save My Marriage
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– Michael – Save My Marriage
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– Andrew – Save My Marriage
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– Christopher – Save My Marriage
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– Ann – Save My Marriage
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– Caitlyn – Save My Marriage
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– Eunice – Save My Marriage
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– Martijn – Save My Marriage
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–  Save My Marriage Program
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 "My life and business changed course for the better in the months I was working with him one-on-one. My focus, clarity, intuition, and happiness has skyrocketed, and this affected my business interactions. In a short time, my monthly sales in my startup Eurasia Building Tech has improved 200%! Furthermore, I have lost all self-doubt leading me to take charge of meetings and negotiations. 
I wouldn't call Jean-Paul's methods traditional coaching as I have had several coaches and mentors in the past. His method is more of an Internal Transformation - hence the ultimate "biohacking." It has been a pleasure working with Jean-Paul during my sessions and I did have a chance to meet a dozen of his other graduates. They were amazing people! I met other entrepreneurs, doctors, artists, media personalities, military leaders and so on all on their top game. Additionally, I took the occasion to interact with some to further improve my business opportunities. 
 The mental clarity and confidence I have today is something I can only describe as something I would have never thought possible prior to the program. Also, the tools he has given me have successfully create new opportunities even while in the midst of a global pandemic. I would highly recommend all who want to realize their true potential to take Jean-Paul's ThroughConversation course."

– Eric, CEO,
 Emotional Freedom / Performance 

Video Coming Soon!
My experience with Through Conversation was unlike any program I have ever done. When he shared what my life could be like at our interview I thought it seemed too good to be true and yet I could see in his eyes that he meant it and I decided I believed him. 10 sessions and my life is completely transformed!!! I went from autopilot chicken with its head cut off to a new me! I am happier, more loving especially to myself than ever. My relationship with my husband is even better than when we were first married and we were head over heels in love then. After 28 years of marriage we were coexisting not unhappy but definitely not happy. We both needed help. We each did the work with Jean-Paul and we both are new people who are completely in love with each other! Jean-Paul gets to the root/ heart of things without all the traditional negative drudging up the past. Now I have more energy true vitality and love for all the people in my life and all of those relationships have transformed! I'm more effective at work, play, family and life! This is the best investment you could ever make in life. Jean-Paul woke me up to all the beauty in and around me. Oh I almost missed the most remarkable thing; in a pandemic world where facials are rarely accessible, I went without one for 3 months but it turns out Through Conversation is the much coveted fountain of youth! I literally dropped 10 years+ in 10 sessions! Thanks Jean-Paul aka Master Yoda ❣️
– Nancy, Interior Designer 
-Emotional Freedom / Relationships / Performance 
Video Coming Soon!
– Jim, Realtor – Emotional freedom / Relationships / Performance
Jim wanted to have more freedom and passion in his life
Video Coming Soon!
Matt wanted to improve his marriage and get to the next level in all areas of his life
- Relationships / Performance 
Video Coming Soon!
Performance Training, Emotional Freedom, Relationship Program 
Video Coming Soon!
Performance Training, Emotional Freedom, Relationship Program
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– Jay was looking to improve his performance and take his company to the next level
- Performance
Video Coming Soon!
– Sam wanted to elevate his performance while reducing stress
- Performance
Video Coming Soon!
"Whether you deal with professional, relationship or personal challenges, this program gives you tools to deal with and overcome any issues and anxiety. I recommend this program to anyone who feels they spend half their time thinking about stuff and analyzing stuff inside their own mind and missing out on everything this beautiful life has to offer."
– Juho, Entrepreneur, - Relationships / Performance 
Video Coming Soon!
Katerina was looking to up level her life and emotional health
- Relationships / Performance 
Video Coming Soon!
Being a successful artist is not easy, it comes at a price. Stefanie found that her life was becoming difficult – she was loosing her creativity and drive, she was not happy anymore and had developed a short temper. She wanted a performance boost in every area of her life. She wanted her life back and she was not willing to waste time. She chose ThroughConversation because “it made sense”.
– Stefanie, CEO, Artist, – Emotional Freedom / Performance / Relationships
Video Coming Soon!
"ThroughConversation helped me see life in a whole new light. It has completely changed the way I perceive and approach things in my life. JP is very intuitive and picks up on things that are affecting you almost instantly. The best part for me is that each session felt like I was just hanging out with a good friend that I could trust and be really chill/honest with!"
– Zabi, Entrepreneur, Dancer, -Performance Program 
Video Coming Soon!
-Wilf – Emotional Freedom / Performance
Wilf was looking to improve all of his his relationships and was surprised at everything he got.
Video Coming Soon!
– Debbie, grandmother
Debbie wanted more joy, happiness and freedom in her life,
and that’s exactly what she got in less than 2 months..
Video Coming Soon!
– Lorenzo had been suffering from anxiety and depression. His naturopathic doctor suggested the ThroughConversation program. After completing his 10 session program, Lorenzo got what he came for – peace of mind, and happiness.

Working with JP will change your life. 
Let him see you for all you can be.

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