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Rahim’s testimonial

Question:             Tell us about your life before ThroughConversation and what made you reach out.

Rahim:                  My life before ThroughConversation was good, you know I was, on the outside everything looked perfect. You know a wife, two kids, a nice house, a business, the whole thing and there’s something I felt was just missing. What truly made me reach out to ThroughConversation was my wife and I were out of place where we needed to move forward, to change something and I also saw that in my business, I saw that in my relationship with my kids, my friends and myself and I wanted to make that change and that’s what made me reach out.

Question:             Why did you choose ThroughConversation?

Rahim:                  I was in a situation where I needed to figure this out quickly, I needed to have things fixed in a rather quick timeline, in like now. There was no sitting on a shrinks coach for eight years to figure out what was going on and this was a program that that said I could do it. You know watching the testimonials and not knowing when I watch the testimonials that this was a session or a ten session program. I just thought the testimonials were amazing, I come in and there’s Jean-Paul telling me that we can get this done in ten weeks, in two months, I couldn’t believe it, so that’s what made me choose ThroughConversation.

Question:             Did ThroughConversation give you what you desired?

Rahim:                  Yes they gave me more than I desired, I came in looking for are a way to fix a relationship and that was one relationship I was looking to fix. As well as looking to expand my business and give me that mindset to expand my business or to elevate my business and it has given me much more than I could even thought possible. My relationships with my kids, my relationships with my family, with my employees, with my suppliers, building my business, everything has been taken to that next level so in one short sweet word yes it has.

Question:             How did ThroughConversation impact your relationship as husband and wife?

Rahim:                  It’s night and day, I mean our relationship is completely done a one eighty, it was as I said it was on the surface good, everything looked really good but underneath we weren’t connecting. After the program, after ThroughConversation we are completely different, there’s no stress around us talking. There is us connecting, giggling, laughing, playing, you know it’s completely like back when we were dating.

Question:             How would you compare ThroughConversation to other programs you’ve done?

Rahim:                  So I’ve been through a few different other personal development programs, ones that went from a day to ones that went for ten months and this programs is completely different. It’s not your typical ‘okay we have a book, let’s go through this book and let’s figure out what you know we’re supposed to do on page one, page five, page ten. This is a program that will, that has for me changed how I will forever do business, how I will forever interact with my clients, with my employees, with my suppliers, it has raised my game to a level that I didn’t think was possible especially in such short time, and as I said I’ve taken a ten month programs that didn’t hit what ThroughConversation hit in two months.

Question:             What impressed you the most about this work?

Rahim:                  How I went from the Rahim that I was to the Rahim that I am now and it’s the work that is not explainable, you put in the work and you come out with these results that should not be possible and I think that’s what impressed me most, about the work. It’s like in two months this should not be possible and that’s what blew my mind.
Question:             How was your experience working with Jean-Paul?

Rahim:                  Really good, it was like no experience I’ve ever had before, from being held responsible to what I needed to do in the program to being lifted up and made to feel like I could achieve anything. I can’t explain how he does what he does, I don’t think anybody can but it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

Question:             What would you say to someone who is considering this investment?

Rahim:                  It is an investment, by all means, it’s an investment in yourself, in your life and the life that you want to live and you want to create. I would say that it’s by far the best investment that I’ve ever made. If Jean-Paul was to give me a million dollars tomorrow to go back to where I was, prior to the program wouldn’t take it. I know what I’ve created between starting the program and now and what I will be able to create over the next five, ten, fifteen years and my lifetime. In my business, in my other investments, will far outweigh any other vehicle this investment would have been in.

Question:             Is there anything else you would like to say about this program?

Rahim:                  It changed the way that I thought at the most root level, it changed the way that I behaved at the most root level. I can’t explain it, but it’s just, it changed me and it changed the way that I see the world, that I see people, that I see situations and it really took me from living an average life to living an extraordinary life.


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