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Gain A Positively Unfair Advantage In Business And In Life 

Achieve higher performance levels in every area of your life
by improving your mental clarity and emotional circuitry

The ThroughConversation™ Peak Performance Program is a proprietary process
that has enabled many accomplished individuals to quickly and confidently
take their lives and careers to the next level,
and enjoy greater quality of life

“I did the program during the process of starting a Vancouver office of a major contractor. 

We grew the business from -$250K (setup cost) to $60M in 23 months and from two people to 33. 

Now I am starting a new business and in three meetings have $7M in construction contracts.

It has been truly transformative, personally and professionally.”

– Andrew Hull, Principal


Why the ThroughConversation Peak Performance program?


You are driven by results. Yet, no matter how great your life is right now, you know that there is a better version of yourself waiting to be uncovered.

The ThroughConversation™ Program is the fastest and most direct route to achieving a transformational breakthrough in your professional and personal life.

It is specifically tailored for high achievers who know that their mind is their most valuable resource. 

Our process has a proven track record at improving the ability to generate exceptional results both personally and professionally. 

The program develops leadership capabilities and personal traits that lead to greater success with less effort – while improving quality of life.
Based on our client’s exit interviews, here are some of the areas where they observe considerable improvements:


1 – More effective communication


2 – Heightened ability to build and maintain personal and business relationships


3 – Greater confidence and charisma


4 – Improved critical thinking


5 – Enhanced ability to see the bigger picture


6 – More patience


7 – Heightened mental acuity


8 – More peace of mind


9 – Improved ability to focus


and much more…


“Since ThroughConverstion, my closing rates have improved, and my ability to connect personally and more meaningfully with clients is drastically better. As a result, my business has grown, new opportunities have presented themselves, and I’ve had my best year ever.”

– Bart


“You come in as one person, and leave being more yourself than you’ve ever been”

“What performance means is that not only are you performing well in your business, or you’re making income, or you’re doing really good at your job, but performance through the lens of ThroughConversation is performance in everything! It’s performance in your relationships, personal/business relationships. It’s basically operating at a level that you never thought you could reach, but you can. It’s performing in your personal life meaning you’re having work-life balance. You can do everything, and you can perform at a high level at everything!” 

Achieve greater performance levels in every area of your life

 by improving your mental clarity and emotional circuitry

How does it work?

If you want to reach that next level faster, and with greater ease, you need to identify and dissolve the limiting factors that hinder your performance. The custom-tailored Peak Performance program will allow you to dissolve the unconscious emotional and mental blocks, improving your emotional state and mental acuity. Our clients report that by removing those self-imposed barriers, they achieve a tremendous increase in performance that gives them an added edge over the competition.    

ThroughConversation™ is a process that is designed to absolve the limiting beliefs and re-train your mind to think more clearly, while significantly improving your quality of life.

“In all aspects of my life, it’s improved. Health, emotional, love, money, business. There’s not an aspect that it doesn’t seem to have touched.
The work is impacting my business, it’s brought back a creativity, it’s brought back that desire to push forward, to invoke change, to not push the envelope, redesign the envelope, and move forward. To look towards a brighter better future. And the results are there, I’m having more fun at work, I’m seeing more results and I can’t explain that. I think people are having more fun around me and I have more enjoyable work environment and I enjoy working with people more. It’s had a profound impact on me and how I spend my working hours.”

- Rob, Senior Executive

What should you expect?

This program involves a series of purposefully crafted sessions that dissolve self-limiting beliefs and help the mind perceive and react to things much more effectively.

It includes a total of 10 one-to-one sessions that build on each other in a sequential fashion in order to create and solidify the results.

Simple assignments are given to do in between the sessions which will allow the mind to adapt and e-x-p-a-n-d at a very fast rate, and guidance is provided in between the sessions if needed.

Each person that comes to us does so with a very different set of needs; therefore each person gets a customized and unique approach. We take into consideration all aspects of your personality and customize your own personalized experience. The program you receive will be suited to you and your lifestyle.

Our clients typically notice improvements in emotional and mental clarity, relationships, and performance levels from the first or second session.

By the end of your program, you will have a more productive and positive outlook on life, and tools you can use to maintain and enhance your mental clarity, focus, and peace of mind.

“This was the best thing I’ve ever done” 
– Robert, 40 under 40 CEO alumnus  
This program changed things for me, it really did. It pushed me to a level that I never thought I could go. This wasn’t some generic program, this is a program where we got to know each other and Jean-Paul really understood my issues and where I needed to be pushed and he did that for me. And I think this is something that any senior level executive should really, really take a look at. If I was to present this to a board of senior executives, I would say just that, if you’ve gone to a certain level and you can’t go any higher this is something for you. This is something you need to look at because this can take you to that next level and that’s what Jean-Paul did for me. I got more than I ever thought i would get out of it.” 

Who is this for?

The Peak Performance program is ideally suited for entrepreneurs, executives, senior management, seasoned professionals, experts, and other top performers. 

– Our typical client is an individual who is 40 years of age, or above. 

– Our clients have a desire to transform into the best version of themselves.

– Some of our clients deal with high stress situations and want to operate within those situations more effectively.

– They want to work with someone who is capable of delivering results consistently, and in short order.

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You are in good company:
What our clients say

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Colonel, US Air Force (ANG)
Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft, WA, USA
Performance Program 

“I would say for someone that’s a CEO or even any kind of leadership role, you are the foundation and the person that dictates how the culture of a company works and where that company goes, and how it grows, and how it gets there, and you are the permeating factor of how things are going to go. So it is life changing is how your business will change because people in your company will change because you change, everything will change because you change, because you start to see things differently, you start to manage people differently, you start to operate things differently, you see things differently, you’re more consciously aware so you’re able to foresee problems that are going to come up arising because there’s a clarity that you never had before. Everything is just so much better, it changes your game, completely changes your game.”

-Shanelle, President & CEO of a group of development and investment companies in Canada and the United States. – Performance training program

“The way Through Conversation sees “performance”, means…sort of like getting in that flow… We’ve all felt to that time in our life, but it’s sort like you know, when you have no resistance between you and your goals, it’s just almost seems easy like you have an unfair advantage. So ThroughConversation shows you how to stay in that flow, all the time.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

 – Kid, Talk Show Radio Host, Entrepreneur 

“Probably the most impressive part of this work would be the way that you… without realizing it, you become a different person. But you become a better person. You become the person who you know you really naturally are, rather than tied down with life. So you end up with a different perspective on the same things. Different reactions to the same things, just  naturally, and that’s incredibly powerful. And incredibly positive.

 – Andrew, Director of Business Development

“Through the program I feel like because I am more self-aware, and I’ve become more intuitive also. So when I am communicating with others, whether it’s family and friends, or strangers, or people in the work realm, it’s almost like time slows down a little bit, and I am able to grasp more of what they are trying to say, not just verbally but through body language. And also myself, I am more aware of what I am delivering. So obviously communication improves because I have more time in the short timeframe to communicate what it is that want to communicate.

-Julia, Lawyer, Entrepreneur 

“It changed the way that I thought at the most root level, it changed the way that I behaved at the most root level. I can’t explain it, but it’s just, it changed me and it changed the way that I see the world, that I see people, that I see situations and it really took me from living an average life to living an extraordinary life.

-Rahim, CEO 

“I got better mental clarity. Through the program I’ve been able to recognize some things I needed to work on, and with Jean-Paul’s help we’ve been able to address those and make me a better version of myself. Conflict resolution were part of that, and being better able to connect with other people has allowed me to solve problems easier and be more engaged. I am much more driven. I have 10 times more focus than I had before. I know what my visions needs to be for the next couple if years of my business and my life. And I find that when I am attending conference or meeting I am actually entering the room as a different person, I am owning it now.

-Jeff, Fixed Operations Manager 

“Jean-Paul told me that a Performance program would take my business to the next level, and would simultaneously improve every single aspect of my life, including my marriage. I was in. Through the program, I realized how good life can be and looking back, I can’t imagine not having done the program. At first, I was apprehensive about opening up about my personal life, but this program was different. It was not hours upon hours of delving into problems and issues, rather an approach that gave me immediate results, and after the program, I am still seeing new results. My relationship with my wife, my kids, my family and friends have improved immensely. My business relationships, with my employees and partners is better than I could have ever imagined. Words cannot describe what the program has done for me. Thank you!” – Rahim, CEO

How do I enroll?


With any one of our programs, there is a discovery session in order to make sure that we can provide you with the kind of training that suits your needs. Likewise, there are requirements to being accepted into the program and those are also taken into consideration before final enrollment is granted.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, book yourself in using the “Schedule A Discovery Session” tab.

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