Our Three-Session, Value-Test Guarantee to You

ThroughConversation programs deliver unprecedented results in personal development – and we let you try our program with a no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee

If, by the fourth session:

  • you are not convinced that your life has been improving immensely 
  • you do not believe that you are on the right track

We will give you your money back in full. 

We want you to feel fully supported from your first moment with us

You have absolutely nothing to lose. We want you to feel fully supported by us starting with your initial consultation.

There is no company in Canada that we know of that offers this kind of money back-guarantee for one-on-one coaching. We have set a new standard in success rates – and we are now setting a new standard in guarantees.

Our Three-Session, Value-Test Guarantee*

Here’s what we ask of you at the outset. Fully engage yourself. Meaning: Participate with an open mind, fully committed and have a willing heart!

In the first three sessions, you will get to know Jean-Paul and everything he offers. His style. His expertise and guidance. His understanding. His support.

In those three sessions, you’ll experience our unique approach. It’s something you’ll never have experienced before. By then you will be well on your way along your transformative, life-changing journey. Already you’ll feel the positive changes occurring in your beliefs and your outlook – in yourself.

If, by the fourth session, you’re not completely satisfied with the results you are getting with the ThroughConversation program, tell us. Yes, we may believe otherwise. Yes, we may be witnessing the progress you’re making. But it’s your decision, your assessment. We won’t argue.

The bottom line is this. If you’re not thoroughly convinced that you’re receiving the tools, knowledge and strength to go forward and live the life you deserve, simply let us know.

You can opt out of the program. You’ll be given a full and complete refund. 

That’s our Three-Session, Value-Test Guarantee to you.

If you want to experience an unprecedented surge of personal and professional growth, send in your request for an initial consultation. We will get back to you right away.

* Some conditions apply



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