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Rob’s testimonial

Question:                    What made you reach out to ThroughConversation?

Rob:                             Every year I do something, I say to myself how my going to move my life forward and I try to invest in something for myself and I was looking for something along the lines of performance coaching or very business oriented approach. So that was my idea, to go and find someone to work with that could help me as I get to the next level or something along those lines. I’d love to say that yeah that’s exactly what I got and I have to think back I’m almost laughing, that’s not what I got, I got that and so much more.

Question:                    Why did you chose to work with Jean-Paul?

Rob:                             Through the process, through the interview I met was Jean-Paul, I realized he had something incredibly unique. I realized that he had an incredible ability to connect quickly and at a very deep level and I thought this would be unique. Where it’s gone has mostly blown my mind that would be even possible in the timeframes that we’ve worked together.

Question:                   Did ThroughConversation give you what you wanted?

Rob:                             Absolutely, conversation delivered more so, I thought I wanted just a business performance boost and it gave me so much more. It boosted aspects of my life that I didn’t realize I needed or wanted boosting. My relationship with my family, my wife, my children, my friends has improved, my relationship with myself as crazy as that seems has improved. You know I can only describe it as I have better days all the time, consistently. I wasn’t looking for that when I initially, I was looking for someone to work with. That was a byproduct so if I sit here smiling it’s because while I’ve gone through some incredibly unique and it’s been quite a while and its lasting and it’s a real change that last. I have a permanent shifts in the way I approach life and the people in my life.

Question:                    What aspects of your life did ThroughConversation improve?

Rob: In all aspects of my life, it’s improved. Health, emotional, love money, business. There’s not an aspect that it doesn’t seem to have touched.

Question:                    How has this program impacted your business?

Rob:                             The work is impacting my business, it’s brought back a creativity, and it’s brought back that desire to push forward, to invoke change, to push the envelope, redesign the envelope and move forward. To look towards a brighter better future and the results are there, I’m having more fun at work, I’m seeing more results and I can’t explain that. I think people are having more fun around me and I have more enjoyable work environment and I enjoy working with people more. So it’s had a profound impact on me and how I spend my working hours.

Question:                    What impressed you the most about this work?

Rob:                            What impressed me most about the work is how deep it goes, how fast it goes, how fast change, change. Changes has happen to me that I didn’t trust, I mean I would wake up the next day and go ‘is this still possible?’ and then you just realize it’s possible, I’ve changed, I’ve altered forever and I think it’s so easy to fall back to old habits and to have personal health issues that disappear, to have perceptions and assumptions about life evaporate. To be able to see the future clear again, to be able to help people with an honest heart amazing, it’s simply amazing.

Question:                    How was your experience working with Jean-Paul?

Rob:                             Like nothing I’ve ever experienced, working with John Paul is incredibly unique. I would challenge anybody who’s met with Jean-Paul to say that anybody is on par or delivers a similar style. He’s truly one of a kind and delivers a system and a program that I don’t think exists anywhere else. You know it is it is very, very unique and very specific to the individual, my experience how was it? It was intense, it was life changing, what else can you say? I mean I permanently shifted some of the ways I think and live my life for the better.
Question:                    What would you say to someone who is considering this investment?

Rob:                            Is it is it worth it? You know the new mantra in development, is don’t invest in your business invest in yourself and I thought I wasn’t making a business investment and I invested in myself and it happened to pay off for my business. So I would say the return on investment for this is infinite, it’s phenomenal. Anything that would enhance your life, your joy, your peace your performance in one package, yeah if you have the opportunity to invest, this is where I would invest. If you are that fortunate where this fits with your schedule, your timing and your philosophy then this is a phenomenal investment in yourself.

Question:                    Is there anything else you would like to add?

Rob:                            I wanted more success in my life, I wanted more, more, I wanted more from a business perspective. Anyone considering this investment, I got so much out of it, I mean I would just say look I can’t imagine you not doing the program if you knew what I knew. It’s allowed me to connect with everyone in my world, you know business not business it’s just open everything up but it but it makes me more effective in what I do. It makes me a more effective leader, it makes me a more effective partner with my clients, I mean to just it makes me better. It made me better and it allows me to connect with people at a deeper level, more quickly right and it’s just, its business coaching on steroids and it goes to the root the essence. So it’s not cookie cutter, it’s not canned, it’s not a canned presentation where I’m mirroring your actions so that you gain trust with me. It’s just natural, it’s who you become, it’s who you want for other people you know I want the best for the people around me it’s natural and it’s easy.


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