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Anxiety or Depression Ruining Your Life?


We have a solution that will get rid of your anxiety and/or depression, while improving every other area of your personal and professional life.


1 – Without medication


2 – Without rehashing your past


3 – Guaranteed


1. Without Medication


Every person we have worked with has gotten rid of their anxiety and depression

without medication.


You will be able to achieve freedom from anxiety and depression, and you will achieve this naturally. No drugs, no side effects, and you won’t be damaging your brain.

You will achieve this by improving every area of your life. Your emotional health will improve, so will your personal relationships and performance levels. Your life will be so much better that there will be no need for your mind to send you those unpleasant emotions anymore.


We have worked with people who were on drugs for decades, had tried therapy, counselling, retreats, so on and so forth.


Every single person to date has completed the program drug free.

2. Without Rehashing Your Past


Those who experience our 1-on-1 process realize that they don’t have to talk about their past to get the results they desperately need.

You will be able to achieve your goal while having empowering conversations that lighten your emotional load. You will not have to dig into the past or dredge up old memories. 

This will be done in a very comfortable setting, 1-on-1, using a tried and tested methodology called ThroughConversation. This methodology has taken 22 years to perfect and delivers predictable results. 

So many people have gone before you and they achieved more than they ever thought possible, without ever having to rehash their past.

Through the process, you experience more freedom, happiness, and peace of mind. You become more confident around people. 

3. Guaranteed


You read that correctly, we offers a 100% money back guarantee.

You will experience shifts from your very first session, and by the 4th session, you will know that this process works, and that it works fast. You will not risk spending your time, effort, and money in vain.

You will see impressive results in only three sessions, guaranteed in writing.

If by the fourth session you are not completely satisfied with the level of growth you are experiencing, you can quit the program and we will refund you on the spot.

With this guarantee, we remove all risk. We take it upon ourselves to deliver a service that suits your needs.

Better Than Counselling

Better Than Therapy

Better Than CBT

What Our Clients Say:


Note: All testimonials are real and verifiable. They have been transcribed word for word from full length video testimonials

that you can find on our Case Studies page.


“At the age of 27 I was stopped in my tracks by severe anxiety and depression… And that had continued off and on for the ensuing years… I had tried various kinds of therapies, trainings, retreats, medications, and various things help to some extent but in the end, I was pretty much left with the same problems…
ThroughConversation has impacted every little part of my life. I was hoping for some contentment and really, I have a lot of happiness. And I don’t know any other place I could have got this. It’s been far beyond my expectations and I’m very, very, happy with it… I absolutely recommend the program to anyone who has been struggling with depression and anxiety; freedom from all those weighty issues is very much achievable and I don’t hesitate to recommend this program.”
Harold, Medical Doctor

“I looked happy and people thought I’was happy all the time but I wasn’t and only I knew that. I wanted to get out of that circular downward spiral that have no end. I cried a lot, pretty regularly and I couldn’t really understand what it was that I was doing wrong and how I couldn’t do it by myself. I couldn’t get out of this depression. I had no way of knowing where I was going and how I was going to fix things. Now I’ve got a tool chest, an arsenal of skills, skill sets that I can use for the future and I know they won’t leave me. I can revisit my lessons and I know that I’m on the right track when I do what Jean-Paul has taught me to do and it works, so it makes me happy.” Sue, Semi-retired business owner

“It’s a free world for me now. I’m flying out there!”  Satvinder, Longshoreman

“My life before, I was pretty depressed and I had a lot of anxiety, I had probably a mental breakdown every day. I would say once a week at least. I just was not living life, I had no motivation to do anything, and my relationships were down falling. The way I look at life is completely different now, and the way I live life is so different. I live on a more positive, happy vibe.” Emily, Student

“It’s really a miracle! [The program] just works!” Cindy, Accountant

“ThroughConversation is a very unique program, and I can’t even explain to you how unique it is until you actually go through it yourself. Because you come out on the other end as a different person. And that different person is much more enthusiastic and excited about life” Jon, Retired CEO

“On the surface my life looked very good, I had success in a whole bunch of ways. But inside I was torn, I was in a lot of pain, I was very anxious, I was very aggressive. I wasn’t treating the people in my life like I love them even though I love them a lot, but I couldn’t seem to take what I felt for them and put it into action. So, my heart and my actions were different and I couldn’t figure out why I was so angry and so anxious. I came to ThroughConversation after thirty years of doing it on my own with some therapies and a lot of books.

[After the program] I’m happier, I’m healthier, my relationships are better, I’m focused, I have new energy and passion, I’m not afraid the way I was, I’m not anxious anymore. My relationship with my daughter my grandkids have improved immensely. It’s the best return on investment I ever made in my life.

I think the bottom line is I would say and in my life is for thirty years, I’ve been trying to get someplace and I worked hard at it and I couldn’t get there and Jean-Paul and the program made the difference to me getting a dream back, being happy. I’m eternally grateful Jean-Paul and I say he’s a pretty amazing guy, I thank him from the bottom of my heart.” Beverly, Senior Executive

“I was put on anti-depressants at age twelve and I was on them for over twenty years, and I had also gotten to a point where I believed that I would be on medication for the rest of my life.[Thanks to the program] I got my freedom, I got my life back, I got my happiness… I got a chance at living my life in the best possible way. That’s what I wanted, I did not want to suffer anymore, and I’m not. And I know that I’m equipped with the skills for whatever comes my way in the future. That’s a pretty powerful place to sit in, in the confidence of knowing that whatever comes your way you can handle it. And you could even have fun doing it. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to Jean-Paul for this opportunity.” Kristie, Actress

Success Rate

  • Success Rate, Therapy and Counselling 20%
  • Success Rate, ThroughConversation +95%

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