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Kristie’s testimonial

Question:                    Tell us about your life before ThroughConversation?

Kristie:                         I was incredibly depressed, I’ve been suffering with depression since I was twelve or at least that’s when I was put on medication, I was put on anti-depressants at age twelve and I was on them for over twenty years and I had also gotten to a point where I believed that I would be on medication for the rest of my life. That it wasn’t possible for me to live a life without medication and I was on just a cycle of garbage. My life felt like garbage, I had lots going on you know and I was grateful for you know the possibilities in my life and. I felt very fortunate because I knew that I was blessed outside of my depression but I wasn’t doing anything with it. I wasn’t able to do anything with it, I wasn’t able to get going and so that resulted in you know, I didn’t have the friendships that I knew I could have because I was so self-deprecating. You know I was anxious, so I was worked up all the time and I’m also the kind of person who really likes to say how I think and feel, so you know my friends were knowing, people were being pushed away essentially. I mean I’d lost relationships, I lot a man that I was very much in love with when I was younger as a result of my depression because he couldn’t deal with it and I’d say ‘this isn’t the real me,’ and he said ‘I know it isn’t,’ you know but I couldn’t get past it and so really you know my life was sad and sorry and it was teary, I was crying most days and I didn’t see a lot of hope in my future. I didn’t see hope for a relationship, the thought of having children scared me because I didn’t want them to grow up learning from someone like me, I didn’t want them around me. So yeah it was a. pretty horrible and scary place to be.

Question:                    Why did you choose ThroughConversation?

Kristie:                         I tried counseling, I tried therapy, I tried hypnosis, and I’d been to psychologists. Many of them over the years and at the end of the day there was no lasting results, it might have helped for you know a day or two or whatnot but at the end of the day I was always still going back down to zero. Also as an actress my work was suffering due to anxiety, I was having panic attacks while I was trying to do my work and that was initially what got me googling and through their reading Jean-Paul’s document that he’d written about kind of how we work. Made a lot of sense to me and so I wanted to see how I could apply that in my life and then through coming through to the ThroughConversation website as well and really seeing the other people’s testimonials is what really, really inspired me because that was something, the transformations that I saw in these people’s lives, I wondered if it was possible for me to and I knew that I needed to do something.

Question:                    Did ThroughConversation give you what you desired?

Kristie:                         Yeah it did, I got my freedom, I got my life back, I got my happiness and you know I got a chance at living my life the best in the best possible way. That’s what I wanted, I did not want to suffer anymore and I’m not, and I know that I’m equipped with the skills for whatever comes my way in the future. That’s a pretty powerful place to sit in, in the confidence of knowing that whatever comes your way you can handle it and you could have fun doing it even. So it definitely gave me, it definitely gave me what I was what I was looking for.

Question:                    What were you able to achieve with Jean-Paul?

Kristie:                        I was able to achieve a feeling of happiness, understanding, being committed, understanding how far I can push myself, what I can really get out of my life and what I can really achieve. I was able to achieve a sense of peace, a sense of connectedness, a sense of that everything’s okay and is going to be okay and more than okay. There have been times when I’ve felt so high from happiness and love, so elated and it’s a feeling that you want to walk around with every day and with this program you can.

Question:                    What impressed you the most about this work?

Kristie:                        The changes in the space of time, it’s not something that I thought was possible or you know I mean to go from what I was I feel like I. it feels so real you know it happened so quickly and to go from that to who I am now that’s incredibly impressive.
Question: How was your experience working with Jean-Paul?

Kristie:                         John Paul is a very special person and not like anyone else that, I mean he’s just on different level and so working with him was incredibly inspiring. It was fun, it was whatever you or I had expected it to be it was not that. You can’t understand what working with Jean-Paul might be like until you work with Jean-Paul but in terms of a traditional counseling session, that’s not what working with Jean-Paul is like. He is a coach, he is a guide, he is supportive, he’s loving, he’s caring, he’s committed, and he was so committed to me. He really wanted to see me win at this program and he got me there, he gave his all to see that happen for me.

Question:                   What would you say to someone who is considering this program?

Kristie:                         Wherever you are at, you will go higher. You will be able to grow as a result of this program, if you’re concerned like I was at first about whether or not to do the program, if it would work, don’t be you don’t need to be. If your heart is telling you that this is something that you need, do it.

Question:                   What would you say to someone who is considering this investment?

Kristie:                         It’s an investment into your future and really that’s how good of a life do you want to live. You know do you want to see your life skyrocket to heights that you didn’t think that it could, well then invest in the program. Return on investment, your life.

Question:                    How did this program impact your life overall?

Kristie:                         This program has changed my life in so enormously that it’s hard to put it into words really. I’m a new person, other people now can see that I’m a new person, I feel different, I feel connected to the world, I used to feel so small in a lot of ways and now you know even just walking down the street is like, I feel connected and I feel powerful confident, I’m just not the same person that I used to be miles ahead of the game and I’m excited for my future.

Question:                   Is there anything else you would like to add?

Kristie:                        The only other thing that I wanted to add in how grateful I am to Jean-Paul for this opportunity you know to have a life that I didn’t see possible for myself, I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for that.


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