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Jodi’s testimonial

Jodi:                    For me these past few days on retreat have been extremely powerful and when I first came here I was really hoping for a shift, for a change and I feel like this process is very deep and feel like Jean-Paul really guides you through something. I don’t know exactly what, exactly how it works but I feel completely changed, I feel like I view myself differently, I view the world differently, even the way that we just communicate with someone has changed and coming here, I just feel empowered and I feel like the name emotional freedom really matches what is offered, instead of being pulled and tagged by all the range of emotions that we feel as humans. Sad, happy, sad, happy and just really understanding in a deep level that it’s a choice and I can chose how I want to feel. It’s up to me, that I’ve also been given the way or shown the way how I can do that and so when I leave here after this retreat I don’t feel afraid that I won’t be able to continue feeling this way, that’s it’s a temporary high and that’s how it’s felt these past days on retreat which Jean-Paul is like a high and from the very beginning we dove in deep to start it right away, the work the process and just opened me up and made me see clearly about my own self, limiting beliefs. Beliefs I have about other people, about the world, it’s been radical, it’s been gentle, it’s been intuitive, Jean-Paul’s teachings are brilliant and I can say that because as a yoga practitioner for almost twenty years and as a teacher for last fifteen years and just a seeker of teaching and meditation and traveling to be with different teachers, truly after all these years this is the most profound experience I’ve had and I’m so grateful for your teachings.


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