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Jim’s testimonial

Question:                    Tell us about your life before ThroughConversation and what made you reach out?

Jim:                               My life before ThroughConversation was very depressing, I was depressed, anxious, I tried multiple different versions of therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, volume therapy, it all didn’t work for me. I was on medication and I wanted something different, I went to the website and ThroughConversation on the web and I found this is a good program for me.

Question:                    Why did you choose ThroughConversation?

Jim:                               I chose ThroughConversation because of what I saw on the internet, with what I read there and especially when I was there for my first consultation and just had a good feeling about it. I felt a good connection with Jean-Paul and I thought this is going to help me get my life back to where I want it to be.

Question:                   How id ThroughConversation different from other methods you have tried?

Jim:                               It was totally different, the whole approach is different, it’s really about me and my program and my personal problems and not like in other therapies where it’s just structure, like in cognitive behavioral therapy or volume therapy where there’s a theory and that theory is supposed to work for everybody. No that’s totally not it, it’s just about me and what I need in that moment.

Question:                   Did ThroughConversation give you what you wanted?

Jim:                               Absolutely the program gave me more than I wanted, my goals were met I would say very easily which I was very surprised with the speed with which I gained my results and from there on in just became better and better. I was depressed I’m not depressed anymore, I was off medication after my fourth session, I feel a lot more fun in connection with my friends, my family, they notice that I’m more alive, more energetic. So yeah it gave me everything I wanted for sure.

Question:                    What were you able to achieve?

Jim:                               I achieved so much with Jean-Paul’s help. I stopped using medication in four session, I stopped feeling depressed, I got energy to live again and I feel comfortable with myself, with friends and social environments. All kinds of things I didn’t have before, I’m not anxious anymore, I feel more confident and there’s just so much that I experience through this program.

Question:                    What impressed you the most about this work?

Jim:                               What impressed me the most about this work is to speed at which you see the results, I mean after every session I felt better and I just saw like going up and up the mountain basically and finally getting the results that you truly want, which I’ve never experienced with any other therapy.

Question:                   How was your experience working with Jean-Paul?

Jim:                               Phenomenal, it’s a lot of fun, I never expected working on myself to be this much fun and it’s also very intensive and it helps you push yourself to where you want to go and yeah it’s just great to experience that because I have never experienced that with any of my other therapists.

Question:                   Did people notice any changes in you?

Jim:                               Absolutely, I get more compliments from my friends, my family, they see me in real life and connected again and they haven’t experienced that for a long time and they also have told me that it’s great to see me back again.

Question:                   How did the program impact your work?

Jim:                              It’s impacted my level of performance and success greatly at my work because I need to be able to be calm and responsive and to what is happening. I invest money and that’s very stressful and I’m able to do that in a better way because my mindset is totally different, it keeps me more focused and able to react and respond the way I need to be and I never expected that because I came for a personal program and I’m getting performances and results outside of that specific part that I needed to be able to fix.

Question:                    What would you say to someone who is considering this investment?

Jim:                               That this will be probably the best investment that you can ever do because it’s about you in your personal life and I think that’s the most important thing for anybody, and when you invest in this program and you come for the first time, for just a consultation you will feel the energy and you’ll experience it yourself and then you will really immediately see like yes this is what’s going to help me achieve what I want.


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