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Jen and Doug testimonial

Q:                    Tell us about your life before ThroughConversation?

J:                    Before ThroughConversation I would say my level of satisfaction in my life was a bit of a fallacy. I thought I was really happy, I thought I was doing everything in the way that I should but my relationship was to the point where it needed something to change or it was going to end and I just felt that I was spiraling out of control even though my feeling was that I had this amazing calm controlled life. So I came hoping that I could be happier, calmer, figure out what I was going to do in my marriage, and definitely got that clarity.

D:                    My life before ThroughConversation with my wife and my children wasn’t so good, our relationship wasn’t so good, we were angry a lot and I wanted to come here to see if we can change it.

Q:                    Why did you choose ThroughConversation?

J:                    My husband came home one day and had read about ThroughConversation in a magazine and I went online and I did a bunch of research, I watched some testimonials, I looked up Jean-Paul and Olga and I couldn’t find anything negative. Everybody seemed to have these profound life changes and so we came and met Jean-Paul and we decided right after that first introduction that we wanted to do this.

D:                    We wanted, my wife and I we had to do something and so we wanted to find out if anybody could help us and we came and saw Jean-Paul and we liked him and decided to go with him.

Q:                    Did ThroughConversation give you what you desired?

J:                    I came in to ThroughConversation thinking I was going to get a divorce and how to have a successful co-parenting relationship with my partner in raising our kids… and I’m in love! I’m in love! (crying) So yes, I got more than what I desired, I thought I knew what I wanted and here I am in a place where I have a relationship not like before but better with my husband and my kids.

P:                    ThroughConversation did give me what I desired, it made our relationship way better, it made me feel way better about myself, it made me open my eyes to a lot of other things that I had never seen before. It massaged my brain to another level that has never been massaged before, it made my relationship with my whole family better, yes (laughing).

Q:                    How did ThroughConversation impact your relationships?

S:                    I think that’s the biggest thing I got out of this program, was the benefits of how it affects my relationship with every single person, whether it’s the homeless man on the corner, the person I sit next to on the bus, my kids’ teachers at the end of the day. Most importantly my best friends, my family my family, my sister, my kids and my husband which they are all interwoven and the better relationship I can have with every single person I come across in a day is a better life.

D:                    This program changed the relationship between me and my wife in a better way, we became better friends, and we became better parents. Our relationship with our children got better, our relationship with our friends got better, yes everything got better.

A:                    How did your relationship as a husband and wife change?

J:                    I think the thing that I gained the most out of this program is a relationship with my husband. I don’t feel that we had a relationship beyond the day in day out of raising our kids and running our house. We lost the playfulness. My husband even said to me the other day that he feels like we’ve gone back to when we were first dating and having fun and being lusty for each other, and we are just having so much more fun, it’s truly great. We truly enjoy each other’s company and I see a future now, I see a life together, and when life blows in its storms we are in a place where we can handle it in a beautiful way and remain in love.

D:                    It changed way better, we are much better friends, we are much better lovers, we are much better husband and wife, we are much better parents, we’re good friends, we don’t yell at each other anymore (laughing).

Q:                    What impressed you the most about this work?

J:                    What impressed me the most is I think you can walk in off the street being any single soul possible carrying any baggage, any issues and it’s going to help. It’s catered to you, to the individual and it starts working right from the second you walk in and you’re doing the work, it just works, I don’t know what else to say but it is impressive and its effective.

D:                    What impressed me most about this work is the transformation that happened to me through these two months impressed me the most. The transformation of me and my wife.

Q:                    How was your experience working with Jean-Paul?

J:                    Working with Jean-Paul was amazing, he’s a very unique character that I actually fell in love with through the course of the program. He’s real and honest and was able to push me to places that I never thought that I was capable of and now I do, I know that. I consider him a huge attribute to my life and moving forward.

D:                    The experience was very good, very good. He opened my mind, he opened my eyes, he opened our vision, our mind, and the whole thing was just so good.

Q:                    How is ThroughConversation different from other programs?

J:                    I have done some other work prior to coming in to ThroughConversation, through some couples counselling, personal counselling, I even did the landmark forum. All of them helped, they made a difference but ThroughConversation has taken me to a level that none of them could even touch and I feel that this piece of work, the work I’ve put in now will carry me through the rest of my life.

D:                    ThroughConversation is very different from the other councilors. ThroughConversation works with you more, with your body, with your mind. I find that the other councilors kind of answer your questions and that’s about it

Q:                    What would you say to someone considering this program?

J:                    I think for anybody looking at ThroughConversation due to marriage difficulties, its unlike anything that you could ever try and the main reason is because each of you is doing this program that’s catered to you and then you come together and then you’re doing the work together and then it’s just like a flower blossoming, it’s a beautiful thing, it can’t get any better than if you’re doing personal work that then comes together and marry so beautifully together.

D:                    It’s a very good coupes program, I would recommend to any couple to take this program because it will change the way you think, it will change the way you act and if you have children it will change everything.

Q:                    What would you say to someone considering this investment?

J:                    I think anyone who’s coming to meet Jean-Paul and is sitting on the fence due to cost should just say forget about that because I can guarantee you’re going to get something amazing out of it, it’s like an insurance policy, it’s going to better your life and why wouldn’t you want to spend money to have the best life possible?

D:                    I would say take this investment, take it, take it and go see Jean-Paul, he’s worth it and in the long run you’re going to thank him for sure.

Q:                    Is there anything else you would like to say?

J:                    I would want to give this to the world, I would want to give this to every single person that I know because why shouldn’t we all walk around being the best we can be and living our best life, having amazing relationships with people and I actually think it would create world peace. I don’t think we would have issues with each other or fight honestly, I really think that.

D:                    I’m going to say, yes go ahead, go see Jean-Paul, don’t waste any time, and go see him now. The sooner the better, it’s better for you. Things in your life he’s going to change as soon as you step in his office third session, second session it depends you’re going to see the change, you’re going to grow and you’re going to feel so good.


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