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Jean-Paul Gravel – International Speaker, Author, Coach

Originally from Montréal, Jean-Paul Gravel grew up in an environment where emotional and physical abuse were a daily occurrence, and he accepted being a product of his environment… Until one day in 1996 when he experienced a beautiful moment that would forever change the course of his entire life… He did not know it back then, but that moment became the starting point for a 23-year-long journey into self-discovery, and ultimately, a method that would create happier, healthier lives.… Over the past 23 years, Jean-Paul has invented and perfected a system that has a success rate that is greater than 98% at dissolving deeply rooted mental and emotional blocks. His method has been endorsed by medical doctors, top CEOs, and many others. Jean-Paul has been featured in a number of media, including The Daily Hive, Entrepreneur, BC Business, and The Iconic Concierge Magazine, and taught in many countries worldwide.


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