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Live Event: The Only One in Vancouver!!

Thank you Vancouver, the event was sold out!

We had a great turn out, a lot of fun.
We were at capacity at the University Women’s Club at Hycroft with 80 people in attendance!

We just might have to go for a bigger venue next time. Hope to see you soon!

A leading personal development expert reveals…

“The Hidden Power of Emotional Freedom”

Begin living each day with more peace of mind, more happiness, and more zest!

Jean-Paul Gravel is an international speaker, author, and coach, whose work has been endorsed by medical doctors, top CEO, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, and many others, and has been featured in many regional and national publications.

Are you ok with the the status quo, or are you inspired to create more for yourself and your loved ones?

The only thing in your way is your mindset.

What if you could learn to master your emotional state, to the point that your emotions work for you regardless of circumstances? 

Create more with less effort. Deepen your relationships. Let go of worries and fears. Experience the freedom to be yourself.

This is what you would be able to do if you had the Power of Emotional Freedom.

Join us for a fun filled evening and discover the hidden Power of Emotional Freedom. This thought-provoking and enlightening talk will take you on a journey of discovery on why you do what you do, why you feel the way you feel, and why you think the way you think, and what it really takes to create the life of your dreams.

When: October 23, 2018

Doors & Beverage Service: 6:30 pm
Talk: 7pm,
Reception & Meet the Speaker: 8 pm

Where: Hycroft University Women’s Club

1489 McRae Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 1T7 

What will you learn?


– What is Emotional Freedom and why you need it


– How your mind works and why your life is the way it is


– What can you do today to create more emotional freedom in your life 


Did you know that you can supercharge your life and live each day with more peace of mind, more happiness, and more zest? Every conversation you have, with everyone, including your partner, kids, and even yourself, can be much better.


Did you know that you can ‘unclutter’ your mind and instantaneously gain access to more peace of mind, focus, and a lot more freedom? Accessing your untapped potential is as simple as deleting corrupt files on your computer’s hard-drive. By removing subconscious mental and emotional blocks, you will free up the space to create more with your life.


Jean-Paul will guide you to explore what it means to have Emotional Freedom. This experiential conversation will open your eyes to self-imposed barriers and empower you to live with more ease and awareness in your life and career.

What people say:

Although we were in a crowded meeting room, it seemed like Jean Paul was speaking right to each of us – directly and simply – encouraging us to unburden our lives. Very passionate!

I enjoyed the upbeat atmosphere in a beautiful venue!

Mingle and Connect: Welcome Reception

After the talk, please join us for a champagne reception co-hosted by Alana Paige Brettle from the Hycroft University Women’s Club, and Jean-Paul Gravel from ThroughConversation Personal Development Inc., where champagne, wine, and assorted hors d’oeuvres will be served.



Enjoy live music, mingle with others, meet new friends, and encounter your presenter in a friendly, informal setting.  

Who is Jean-Paul Gravel?

Jean-Paul is an international speaker, teacher, author, and coach, regarded by many as one of the top personal development experts in the world. His work has been featured in a number of regional and national publications, and endorsed by hundreds of people all other the world. 

Originally from Montréal, Jean-Paul Gravel was born into a very dysfunctional household, and grew up in an environment where emotional and physical abuse were a daily occurrence. As a young child, he grew up accepting being a product of his environment. Until one day in 1996 when he experienced a beautiful moment of clarity… At that moment,  Jean-Paul’s entire life changed because he realized the biggest existential truth – that our life is an illusion. Not only that; we as humans create this illusion every moment or every day. Ever since, he committed himself to teaching people how to re-create their illusions in a way that gives them happier, more fulfilling lives.

Over the past 22 years, Jean-Paul has invented and perfected a system that has a 95+ success rate at dissolving deeply rooted mental and emotional blocks. His method has been endorsed by medical doctors, top CEOs, and many others. Jean-Paul has been featured in a number of regional media including BC Business Magazine and The Iconic Concierge Magazine, and taught in many countries around the world. 


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