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Harold, Medical Doctor – 39 years of severe depression and anxiety gone in 10 sessions

Q:                    Tell us about your life before ThroughConversation.

H:                    My life before through conversation was I suppose pretty good in my childhood and then I worked hard, hard, hard and up to the age of 27 and then I was sort of stopped in my tracks by severe anxiety and depression. And that had continued off and on for the ensuing years. And every time I got very anxious I felt like my life was coming to an end, everything was going down the tubes and I really didn’t like living that way. I had tried various kinds of therapies, trainings, retreats, medications and various things help to some extent but in the end, I was pretty much left with the same problems.

Q:                    Why did you choose the ThroughConversation?

H:                    Well there’s not a lot of other options out there that I hadn’t already tried and that’s really the main reason. I looked at the testimonials online and it all seemed very positive and I thought this is worth looking into.

Q:                    How did ThroughConversation impact your life?

H:                    Yeah, ThroughConversation has impacted every little part of my life. I was hoping for some contentment and really, I have a lot of happiness and I don’t know any other place I could have got this. it’s been far beyond my expectations and I’m very, very, happy with it.

Q:                    What were you able to achieve with Jean-Paul’s help?

H:                    There are so many ways that I can talk about my personal relationships with my family, with my special partner, have been really deepened. I feel I have a lot more love to give them and there’s a lot more love coming back to me and it is really a wonderful feeling. My work at this point in my life was, although I’ve really enjoyed most of my career, my work was becoming laborious to say the least and difficult and I have really been able to apply the program at my work and it has really made a major difference. And I see that through the last few months of my career that it can be great, I can do great work, I can be happy, I can contribute a lot and I can share the love with a lot of people that come to see me and it’s wonderful.

Q:                    How quickly did you notice the positive change?

H:                    Some of the changes really happened within the first two or three sessions with Jean-Paul. I really started to experience a different kind of a life or maybe the life that I was born into was sort of rediscovered and yeah it was it came very quickly.

Q:                    What impressed you the most about this work?

H:                    I have to say what impressed me most about through conversation was the holistic nature of it. You know, it is just so comprehensive it just covers every aspect of me personally in my life and I’d never encountered any kind of a program like that before. And right from the outset it just gave me the sense that this is going to be not just okay this is going to be great and it was and it is.

Q:                    How was your experience working with Jean Paul?

H:                    Working with Jean Paul? Well, it is an EXPERIENCE in capital letters I got to say, because he is a whole lot of love, he’s a real big guy and I don’t mean in a size it’s not like working with anybody else. He illustrates some of the very fundamental truths of how we are together as people in the world and it’s all very profoundly simple and yet somehow, we make it so complicated.

Q:                    What would you say to someone who is considering this program?

H:                    I wish that I could share this with everybody else, everybody in the world. It would it would be absolutely transformative for the world. And I wouldn’t— if I was thinking about it as I was I wouldn’t hold back it’s just too valuable to wait, I wouldn’t wait. The sooner the better just got to go for it. It’s just priceless.

Q:                    What would you say to someone considering this investment?

H:                    As an investment ThroughConversation is invaluable. You can’t put a price on the return that you’re gonna get from this program. Jean-Paul makes sure of it.

Q:                    Would you recommend this program to people who have anxiety or depression?

H:                    I absolutely recommend the program to anyone who has been struggling with depression and anxiety; freedom from all those weighty issues is very much achievable and I don’t hesitate to recommend this program. I’m very, very, satisfied and happy.

Q:                    What about people who do not suffer from anxiety or depression?

H:                   I think the through conversation program can really benefit anyone. Even if you don’t experience depression or anxiety it can really open up one’s life. You can feel so free for now and for the future and the depth of love that you can experience in your life and happiness is unlimited.

Q:                    I there anything else you would like to say?

H:                    I can’t put into words how valuable this has been; the happiness, the contentment, the satisfaction that I feel inside it’s indescribable. And anybody who is holding back from doing this, don’t hold back. It’s going to be worth everything that you put into it.


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