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Genesis’s testimonial

Question:                    What issues were you dealing with?

Genesis:                      Well I think one of the main issues I was battling with, I never wanted to admit it but was the divorce of my parents and everything that the whole process what it cost for the family especially my older sister and myself. I think we grew up with a lot of love form them but at the same time we were so young and we were observing so many stuff that we should and have seen or heard. Beside all these problems with my family I also went through sexual abuse twice and I think as a woman I just felt, I couldn’t even trust myself and I felt disgusted and I felt that nothing was ever going to be the same and honestly it’s never going to be the same but you embrace it. Like now I embrace it but before it was like something that was, it was something that I wanted to hide. That I didn’t want to even know that even happened and I just felt so angry that I couldn’t change that, like every day of my life and now I’m so grateful that even though it happened I can look back and there’s always going to be a little pain but every day it gets better, every day it’s less pain and I think that’s what keeps me going I guess. I think mostly the whole issue was trying to find myself under all that kind of storm that was going on because I’m twenty two years old right now, but I’ve been battling, well I battled with depression like for a year and then I thought it stopped and then for another two years and I thought it was to stop but actually never stopped. So it was like full ten years of hiding pain and just putting a smile on my face when actually I wasn’t happy. So it’s weird because I’m saying at all these issues that I was feeling so lonely and I’m here smiling because now I am strong enough to actually say it aloud and not being scared or not feeling that I’m going to be judged or I don’t know and I just feel so much love for myself that I’m not letting any sadness get into me so.

Question:                    Whys did you choose ThroughConversation?

Genesis:                      I chose ThroughConversation because I had another, I reached out for other types of help, going to psychologies, going to therapists and I even considered group talks and everything but I just disliked so much the way psychologist would treat me because I would feel like I was in a cage, that I was just being looked at so they could study me and kind of figured out what my problem was because that’s the way they see it and therapists they would only give me sort of activities just to kind of forget and just not feel the pain in that moment and I just think it didn’t work and I was just looking for more. I needed to find answers, I needed to question myself to, and so I needed that type of challenge that could help me so then one day I was like crazy and desperate to find help and I was like ‘okay I need the help of a professional.’ So I was looking on the website and on Google sorry and then I found the website and I just read the whole thing, I watched the videos they had on the page and everything and I just saw that wow this is easy and this is actually going to work but then I just said okay I’m going to give it a try.

Question:                   How was your experience working with Jean-Paul?

Genesis:                     A lot of conversations, really nice deep conversations and when I say deep, they were deep like talking about my worst fears, my worst issues and it was just amazing feeling, the way he really wanted to help me and the way that I could trust him and just the way he would look at me and then I’ll feel the word just one person to the other because you connect with each other and it’s like with his eyes he was giving me a hand just to help me and saying, ‘I’m here, everything is going to be okay,’ and it was really okay because I could cry and it was okay. There was not a big deal about it and I could just be myself so he’s great. He saw everything that happened in my life and he saw my tears and he saw my pain and then he converted into something beautiful. So I think and he made me realize how I could do the same, so I think…

Question:                   What would you say to those who are considering this program?

Genesis:                     I’d like to say that please let other people help you, open yourself up. Like I know it is not easy to do that especially if you don’t know the person, you don’t trust the person or you have been disappointed before but it’s going to be so worth it and you’re going to feel so happy in your own skin, you’re not going to feel sad and if you do it’s okay because you’re going to have people who love you here to help you at any time and just try to find a little courage and then let them do the rest because they will help you find the rest of your courage and motivation for you to have a regular life and feel just happy with yourself and love yourself more.


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