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Erik’s testimonial

Question:                    Tell us about your life before the program?

Erik:                              My life before ThroughConversation was a very dark place, I was told that I was suffering from depression and anxiety and I kind of, I was believing that about myself and as I was in a place where I could not get out of bed and I was not feeling motivated to do anything. I would not go out with friends, I would not work out, I would not do yeah just basically it was just like stuck in a little dark cave and excluding myself from or hiding from everything and everybody.

Question:                   Whys did you choose to work with ThroughConversation?

Erik:                              When I realized that I needed help and I went through the traditional methods with doctors and clinics and after hearing what they had to offer was like I did not want to go through that in my life because I felt like my life is not in this positive way and it just felt worse just the options that were giving me. So when I landed at ThroughConversation the first thing that I saw was just a simpler, more natural approach to things. It was refreshing because it was just what it was mentioned about being able to get out of this funk in a very short amount of time.

Question:                   How quickly did you notice the positive changes?

Erik:                              You start to see results pretty quickly, I started to notice little shifts in changes just in the first week after my first session and then after that it was like every week is just like a knot gets untangled and you just keep getting more results as the weeks go by and you start to see the result in bad behavior that you used to do and then you kind of stop, you pretty much stop doing it and by the time you realize you’re not doing it you’re already too forward.

Question:                    How was your experience working with Jean-Paul?

Erik:                              It was, my experience with working with Jean-Paul was a very natural one I’m going to say because you don’t feel like you’re walking into a doctor’s office, you don’t feel like you’re walking into a clinic, you don’t feel like you’re walking in a place where there’s something wrong with you. It’s like you feel like you’re walking into a regular place with one of your friends and that’s exactly what it makes you feel. It’s just like you feel like this this could be a bar and you’re just talking.

Question:                    What would you say to someone who is considering this program?

Erik:                              If you are in a place where you’re not feeling like you’re enjoying your life or there’s something that is really holding you back or you’re not happy just in general, you have to try it. You have to try this program and it’s totally worth it, it brought me from not really, from being stuck in a hole, in a cave, just locked up in my bedroom doing nothing because I lost all faith in everything and then you’re back, like everything seems sunny again, like you look at a future, you have projects now, you’re motivated to do stuff again and be with friends and stuff. So I would totally recommend that you give yourself that chance and take that step and just take it, just do it.


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