We Can Help You If...
- You find yourself anxious, irritable, burnt out, unhappy, and upset. Signs of a struggle with your Emotional Health
- You are driven business owner or professional wanting a short cut to reach your next peak
Jean-Paul Gravel and Olga Kniazeva, PhD
coaching and mentoring team
We Have Your Solution!
What if our proprietary 1 on 1 process called ThroughConversation™ could help YOU improve your Emotional Health?

We have helped hundreds of successful people suffering from Emotional Health issues experience RAPID transformations in their business, life, marriage AND inter-personal relationships.

You will find a new Emotional Health balance, ThroughConversation™, leading to more business, personal, and relationship success in 90 days or less.

Our documented SUCCESS RATE in Emotional Health in 98%.

ALL THIS, without having to talk about your issues, or dig into your life story…

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Do ANY of These Sound Like YOU?
  • You business or marital stress is anxiously keeping you up at night more than you want to admit...  
  • Lately you feel irritable, anxious, upset, unhappy, overwhelmed, or stressed out...
  • You catch your mind racing, stuck in a negative chatter, overthinking the past, anxious about the present, or fearful of the future...
  • You feel you and not on track, your state of mind is preventing you from achieving personal, relationship, or business goals...
  • You are concerned you are headed towards burnout...
  • ​Clear signs your Emotional Health is suffering
Want to end negative self talk and doubt preventing you from enjoying your business, life and relationships?

If you want ALL THIS, without having to talk about your issues, or dig into your life story…

The solution is easier than you think.
Do Any of These Describe You?
We have become the experts at solving these common issues for our clients.
  • I am tired of living with constant stress, burnout, anxiety, or depression  
  • I am tired of sleepless nights and unhappy days
  • I want to re-ignite the passion in my marriage
  • I need to create lasting change so I can stop “coping” and “struggling”
  • I don’t want to talk about my past or issues in therapy or counselling. I just want a solution!
  • I feel time is going by, and I’m missing out
  • ​I want a proven, time-efficient solution
  • I want to wake up refreshed, happy, at peace, and feeling fulfilled, energized and excited about my day and my future
  • ​I want my life back
We Have Your Solution!
We can help YOU with our proprietary 1 on 1 process called ThroughConversation™

We have helped hundreds of successful individuals LIKE YOU experience RAPID transformations in business, life, AND relationships.

Nothing clinical or prying, just ThroughConversation™ we lead YOU to more business, personal, and relationship success in 90 days or less.

Our DOCUMENTED success rate is 98%.
Want Proof?
We have many video case studies and testimonials documenting results we achieved with entrepreneurs, executives, doctors, artists, engineers, lawyers, and even moms and dads.
What is ThroughConversation™?
ThroughConversation™ is proprietary process  a that quickly and effectively removes unconscious barriers holding you back in life which directly causes impairment to your Emotional Health.

It’s like hacking your brain for a better marriage, inter-personal relationships and enhanced business performance.

It will improve every area of your life, at the same time, in 90 days or less.

Our clients say our ThroughConversation™ one-on-one custom program is faster and more effective than other methods, like therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, CBT, EMDR, or NLP.
What Does Working Together Look Like?
  • The ThroughConversation™ Program is customized to YOU, a series of empowering conversations with Jean-Paul Gravel which help your mind perceive and react to things from a much healthier, powerful perspective  
  • The program includes 10 sessions sequentially building on each other to create and solidify YOUR results
  • Simple assignments are given to do between sessions which allow YOUR mind to rapidly adapt and e-x-p-a-n-d
  • Guidance between sessions is also provided so you never feel stuck to figure things out on your own
  • YOU will RAPIDLY notice improvements in emotional state, mental clarity, relationships, and performance levels within 2 sessions
  • You will have a healthier, more positive outlook on life, and tools to release yourself of destructive thought patterns
Are you ready to increase your performance and enhance your personal relationships and marriage ThroughConversation™?
What Makes ThroughConversation™ SO Different?
  • YOU get impressive results in a condensed time frame. 10 sessions in about 90 days, you are good to go  
  • There is a specific end point. Unlike therapy or counselling, this is not a revolving door where you have to come back over and over again. You will know exactly when your burnout, anxiety or depression will be completely gone
  • With any of our programs, there is a discovery session to make sure we can provide you the promised results. There are requirements to being accepted into the program before final enrollment is granted. If you experience this program, every part of your life will be improved
The ThroughConversation™ methodology is only practiced by our company.

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