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Emily’s testimonial

Question:                    Tell us about your life before the program and what made you reach out to us?

Emily:                           My life before, I was pretty depressed and I had like a lot of anxiety, I had probably a mental breakdown like every day. I would say like once a week at least, I just was like not living life, I had like no motivation to do anything, and my relationships were down falling like a lot of things.

Shanelle:                     So why I decided to come here is I was looking for something for my daughter Emily, she had been struggling a lot with depression and anxiety. I looked for about three or four years for her for different solutions and how to get her out of what she was going through and all of very failing results and a lot of money. I didn’t want to have to put her on medication, I thought that there would be another solution for her and I wanted to find something other than medication or counseling. I wanted something that was going to be able to help her change a belief systems because what she believed before wasn’t good, it was affecting her life in not such great ways.

Question:                    What were you able to achieve?

Emily:                           Probably first like how I look at myself now, I’m way more confident as a person and I like actually like myself now versus before I like hated myself and noticing what’s actually important compared to what’s not important. What’s important to you and like knowing what your heart loves to do versus your mind, basically like everything, I don’t know it’s just like there’s so many things. I think that change and like most improved or whatever like I’ve changed so much over what is it two months yeah.

Shanelle:                     She’s like one of the happiest people now, she has excitement for her life again, that’s what she, she’s got excitement, she’s working out harder than she ever had, she’s more committed to her school than she ever has, she’s just embracing life, she has shown to participate in her own life which is amazing and she’s excited about her future. This wasn’t the case before she came, she was not excited about anything, she was not, she was miserable, she was absolutely miserable. She’s just amazing now, she’s doing great, she’s excited, she’s going to do great things in life but right now she’s happy and that makes me happy.

Question:                    What impressed you the most about this work?

Emily:                           Probably how fast after one or two sessions, how fast I noticed the change. When he first said like ‘you’ll feel after one or two sessions,’ I was like ‘I don’t know if I believe that,’ and then he was actually right and then I don’t know, I wanted to become a better me or like go back to my normal past self where I was like happy again, but at the end of it I became like way happier but almost better as a person, way more genuine, happy, thankful like all positive qualities you could get. I think that’s pretty impressive from what I got from what I got experience out of I don’t think it happens, it doesn’t happen like ever so yeah.

Shanelle:                     Well Jean-Paul the first day that I met him said to me, at the end of our first meeting he said ‘how does it feel that you’ll never have to worry about your daughter again?’ and I thought he was crazy and then he said ‘you’ll have to find something else to do with your time.’ And I didn’t believe him, I honestly I didn’t believe him, I was hoping but I honestly didn’t believe him, I didn’t think that that, I thought he had fallen off a turn of truck. It’s true ‘how does it feel that you will never have to worry about her again and you better find another something to do with your time.’ That was my first meeting with him and it turns out to be very true, it’s very true I don’t have to worry about her and I have found other things to do with my time, I get to focus on me.

Question:                   How was your experience working with Jean-Paul?

Emily:                           An adventure definitely, its super-fast to like it goes by really quick and then by the end of it you’re like kind of sad and I would say I’ve like learned my whole aspect and the way I look at life is completely different now and the way I live life so different. I live on a more positive happy vibe versus before I was so like low and negative and working with Jean-Paul you like form a relationship with him that you honestly think of him like family or like a really good friend, like a best friend kind of situation and you really just get on that level of learning so much more than what everyone else would know.

Question:                    Can you describe a session?

Emily:                          A session, I think it’s fun and interesting also because you learn things out like well for me I had thought about them but like I found Jean-Paul like reassured them and like showed me a way to actually formulate them in my brain versus like in your head like everything so like jumbled and like he just, it’s just like literally like you’re with a friend and you’re talking about literally everything and then he’s also teaching you a lesson. It’s very active, you’re not bored, you want to go, it’s not like you hate going either. You feel very welcome to, you don’t know feel like you’re going to be judged for your problem if you want to talk about them.

Question:                   Can you describe the program?

Emily:                           I’d say at first you’re like pretty skeptical, if like if it actually works and then after the first or second you actually start noticing little differences. Actually for me I found I would start noticing big differences, there’s some work obviously outside you have to put in but it’s not that hard to do and if you’re wanting help you’ll do it and then it’s just very easy going. I’d say it’s very easy pace, you don’t feel pressured at all, like if something’s not working for you he’s obviously going to find something else that does. I just felt it moves very like fast and moves very easy and it’s like a good time, it’s a good time.

Question:                    What would you say to someone considering this program?

Emily:                           Do it obviously, don’t let your mind get in the way of it like at first because everyone’s so skeptical and they like get in their head and like automatically make assumptions about different things like I remember I actually have like an assumption and I was like ‘does he even know exactly what he’s doing?’ Like I don’t know him but because I was so desperate for help I was just like ‘okay I’ll take the chance and erase it and like literally after a couple of sessions I would like see the difference like ‘okay this shit is actually real,’ but yeah no definitely do it. I think like with anything when you’re trying something you always make stories in your head and second guess if you should do it and you just have to like not care and I would say it’s probably the best help you’ll ever get in your life.

Question:                    Is there anything else you would like to say?

Shanelle:                     Everybody deserves this program, to do this program and not everyone can teach it the way that Jean-Paul. You can you can go to a lot of seminars and you can do a lot of self-growth, you can even do counselling and you can do high level CEO stuff and I’ve done it all, and this program in such a short amount of time working with Jean-Paul has been forever life changing. It’s been life changing daughter, it’s been life changing for myself.

Emily:                           You know yourself like your living on a higher level compared to everyone else and like you won’t settle for small things, like you will live a very good because you learnt not to settle and you follow your heart.


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