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We work with people who are motivated to become the best version of themselves.


My anxiety is gone completely. But not only that, I got so much more out of it. I have stronger relationships in my life, I can deal with situations way better. It literally hits all areas of your life. You get so much more than what you actually came in here for.

Maya, HR Professional - got rid of severe 24/7 panic attacks

ThroughConversation has impacted every little part of my life. I was hoping for some contentment and really, I have a lot of happiness. And I don’t know any other place I could have got this. It’s been far beyond my expectations and I’m very, very, happy with it.

Harold, Medical Doctor - got rid of 39 years of anxiety and depression

HOW It Works 


Remove Your Mental & Emotional Blocks

 Dissolve your emotional and mental blocks – the root causes of your emotional stress – and see your anxiety and depression dissipate in just weeks. 

Update The Way You Think

Update the foundation – your thought process and your belief system. This will allow you to achieve a peaceful, powerful, and focused mindset and live in a relaxed and empowered state. 

"Re-wire" Your Mind

“Re-wire” your mind to operate from this new default state. Perfect the use of tools and techniques to remain in the state of Emotional Freedom – become self-sufficient and equipped for the future.

WHO Is This For? 


Anxiety Is Robbing You Of Life…

Your anxiety is robbing you of so many opportunities. Your muscles get tight, breathing is shallow. Sleep is impacted. Your drive and motivation get hit hard. Your mind is racing. Your focus is nowhere near what it used to be. And you are not the person you want to be anymore. You want the anxiety to be gone. You want your life back.

“Jean-Paul and the program made the difference and helped me get a dream back – being happy. I found a sense of self-acceptance and happiness I’ve never known… I’m eternally grateful, Jean-Paul, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  - Beverly - Anxiety for 50 years, trying to solve it for 30 years, gone with Jean-Paul's help

Depression Is Dragging You Down…

You are exhausted, and are sick and tired of smiling just because other people are around. You’re sad, it’s been a long time, and you are loosing hope. The conversations that go on in your head are so negative. You try to be positive but it just doesn’t feel authentic. Why are you sad? You need a direct path to happiness.


“Life is better. All the years that I spent trying to work on these issues on my own, almost feel wasted.”

- Justin - Anxiety, depression - gone


Jean-Paul Gravel is a world-class coach and mentor that is known for his extremely effective communication style that allows him to deliver outstanding transformational results for his students. He coaches motivated individuals through an accelerated system to end stress, anxiety and depression, even if they’ve already struggled for decades and nothing has worked.
Over the past 15 years, Jean-Paul has taught thousands of people from around the world. He turns outdated, conventional methodologies on their heads, defiantly proving that any committed individual is capable of ending the cycle of anxiety, stress, and burnout. Schedule a Free Breakthrough session with Jean-Paul and see how you can start using his unique teachings, tools and techniques to make sure the next year of your life is the best year ever.


Clear Start and End Date

This is not a “revolving door” process. You will know exactly when you will become anxiety and depression free. And it works very fast – our clients say it only take 1-2 weeks to see profound results!

No Digging Into Your Life

Our students report that one of the big advantages of working with Jean-Paul is that you don’t have to rehash your past or talk about each individual problem, like in traditional therapy. 

Work With Jean-Paul 1-on-1

 Our clients say that working with Jean-Paul is a very enlightening and fun experience. You can do your sessions from the comfort of your home via video call or in our office in person.

“I think the biggest achievement was just getting back to being myself again, trusting myself and feeling empowered, I think that emotional freedom was by far the most transformative and the most affecting to every aspect of my life.” - Rennata - Emotional Freedom Program

“Doing the program was definitely the best thing I ever did… It just changes that whole perspective so you see it in a very enlightened way, a very different way, and a very powerful way. It lets you see it in a way that enables you to take control of your life, rather than life controlling you… It’s that big of a change, and it’s that dramatic.” - Eric - Emotional Freedom

Going from one website to the next is not going to do anything for you. Scanning one page will not give you the information you need to make a decision. Do your research. Read as many pages on the website as you need until you feel confident that you’ve found what you’re looking for. Watch some of the many video testimonials that are on the video page. The video page is insane. From students, to artists, to yoga teachers, to nurses, to doctors, to executives and CEOs, they are all there. Putting their face on camera, many with their first and last names, saying that this program gave them much more than they ever thought possible. If you want to experience what you version 2.0 feels and looks like, this is it. I can’t stress this enough, do your research, don’t just scan. If you are inspired by the results our clients get, and you want to take the next steps, book your discovery session.


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