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Danny’s testimonial

Question:                    What made you seek the coaching?

Danny:                         I sought assistance for Jean-Paul because I needed some direction in my life and I was faced with some difficult decisions and I was stuck and it was very difficult for me to figure out what my next steps were and so that’s why I sought help.

Question:                    What were you able to achieve with ThroughConversation?

Danny:                         I was able to achieve a lot in a short period of time. I was able to Engage in situations in life that I knew were with the right things to do and proceed with them even if they were challenging and even if they were uncomfortable I was able to engage in them head on and I would say in the past I was probably more afraid to engage in such situations but I feel like now I can, I feel like I can do a lot. I feel like I can do anything right now.

Question:                    What impact did ThroughConversation have on your life?

Danny:                         ThroughConversation has had a massive impact on my life, it has got me closer to my family. It has helped me identify what is important to me and it’s helped me focus my energy on what’s important and the things that I need to do to proceed.

Question:                   Are there any changes in how you are dealing with life?

Danny:                         There’s a lot of changes in how I deal with my life now. Challenges that are difficult and obstacles that I know are difficult I’m able to proceed with them and just accept them and face them whereas before I may have avoided them or denied them or pretend they weren’t there but now I find that I accept challenges. There’s one part of me that knows it is going to be hard, another part of me is like I want to take this challenge on and I want to win.

Question:                    What is the difference between ThroughConversation and other approaches?

Danny:                         The difference between this system, I would say this system is from my experiences is unconventional but effective and I would say that there’s no time wasted. Working with Jean-Paul it was all about what are the issues and what are we going to do about it and how do we proceed and in the past I’ve worked with other professionals, I’ve worked with mental health professionals and those sessions were more about listening and ensuring that I was okay. I didn’t need empathy, that’s not what I needed, I needed direction, I needed some guidance and really what I needed was to be more aware of myself and what I was doing and how I was limiting my life and I think that was the biggest difference right there.

Question:                         What impressed you the most about Jen-Paul’s work?

Danny:                         What impressed me the most, I would say just from a high level that he knows what he’s talking about and he’s able to impact people really quickly and he was able to identify my issues and the problems that I was dealing with really quickly. So I was impressed by that and he was able to not so much tell me what I needed to do, but just having me identify what I needed to do and so that was extremely powerful when he was able to help me, enlighten me on what I was doing and what I needed to do.

Question:                   What would you like to say to those considering this program?

Danny:                        I would say that this program can have a massive impact on people’s lives. It really changed my life in a short period time and that’s a gift that I think everyone should have.


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