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Jean-Paul Gravel, Personal Development Expert
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Get Freedom From anxiety
In 10 Weeks OR LESS
We work with leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals to help them confidently overcome anxiety and burnout, and we can tell you with certainty that your mental and emotional wellbeing is the most important thing in life.

Your mind will either elevate you, or hold you back.

You should be happy, feel calm, and love your life.

You should be happy to feel great every morning.
As time goes by, life happens, things change, and now you may be looking at life asking yourself “What Happened?”
Many people succumb to this devastating reality: as years go by, they find themselves living a life where they are no longer in control of their lives. Instead, their mind is controlling them and making them feel horrible.
They're unhappy, sad, and anxious instead of living every moment to the fullest.
Often, they don't let their friends and family know that their mental health in shambles, that they may sooner rather than later have to get on pills just to maintain their sanity.
When out with family, friends, or in public, they pretend to be happy. Pretend to be at peace. Pretend to be confident. And smile on cue.

But behind closed doors it’s an entirely different story...

They feel unbalanced, uneasy, upset, sad, and irritable. Living with anxiety is a very draining and exhausting experience that impacts every area of their lives. 

It impacts the way they are with friends and family, the way they are at work, the way they feel inside, and the thoughts they have when they are alone. 

If this is how you feel, the next step is to ask yourself if you are willing to give something a try. 
Maybe you aren’t, and that’s ok. It’s your life and maybe you just want to throw in the towel. 

But if you want to give it one last try, you need to work with someone who can help transform your mind quickly, and make it work great once and for all. 

And the last thing you want to do is put your trust in someone who will make matters worse, and yes, unfortunately this happens more often than you would like to think...

If you want to give it one last chance, if you want to know how you can make your mind work as good or better than it has ever worked before, and if you want to improve every part of your life in the process, maybe we can help.
We offer a completely different solution for your anxiety problem. One that works. 
We offer a program that works on the root cause of your issues and enables you to transform into the best version of yourselves, so that the inner peace and quiet you once had can come back naturally. 

To date, every single person who has worked with us has completely freed themselves from anxiety and burnout, and taken full control of their future...
“The happiness, the contentment, the satisfaction that I feel inside...

It's indescribable” 

– Harold, Medical Doctor
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Let's Get Some Clarity...
Anxiety is An Alarm That is Telling You That 
You Have To Take Action Fast
When you were born, you had no anxiety. You had a clear mind, a calm mind, a happy mind.
Then as life progressed, at some point, you began to feel anxious. 

It crept up on you, you didn't know it was happening until it was too late. 

You thought it would go away, you hoped it would go away, and instead of it going away, it only got worse.

Now you knew you have anxiety, you know you have to do something about it, but you don't know what exactly. 

Here's what's really happening: 

Anxiety is an alarm inside your mind. 

An alarm that is telling you to do something, but the problem is that you don't know what to do. And as long as you don't do what needs to be done, the alarm will keep ringing and probably get worse. You may have a some break from the anxiety here and there, but most likely it's going to keep coming back over and over again.
Are You Still Here?
Let’s do an exercise that will make what I’m saying Crystal Clear…

Try answering these 4 questions and by the time you get to the bottom of this page, you will know what is going on with your emotional state. 

You will understand what is happening to you, and why you are suffering from anxiety, or depression, or a short temper for that matter.

Would I Be Correct To Say The Following Statements?

1) If you were standing on the ledge of a 10 story building, you would have anxiety.

2) If you were standing in the middle of a street with cars coming towards you, you would have anxiety.

3) If you were about to loose your family, you would have anxiety.

4) If you were about to loose your business, you would have anxiety.

Notice that in each of these situations, the problem is not that you have anxiety, the problem is that you need to change the situation you are in and once you do, the cause of your anxiety will disappear. 

What's really happening with you today is that as life progressed, you picked up some limiting beliefs, and these limiting beliefs make your mind perceive life as if you are standing on the ledge of a 10 story building, even when you are completely safe.

Here's what is happening to you.

As you age, you pick up many beliefs, and many of those beliefs are limiting beliefs, and those limiting beliefs alter the way we perceive reality in a negative way.

By removing your limiting beliefs, the way your mind perceives reality will change back, and you will stop self-sabotaging yourself, and your emotional health as well as your relationships and business performance will improve very quickly.

Are things starting to make sense? If so, keep reading.

Your excessive stress, anxiety, or depression are not caused by your current circumstances or the events that happened in your past. 

They are caused by the perception you have of those circumstances and events. 

And the negative perception is created by the limiting beliefs. 

Once you get rid of your limiting beliefs, the anxiety will leave, and every single area of your life will be drastically improved. 

Your relationships will improve, your personal and professional performance will skyrocket, and your emotional state will be one of joy, calm, and confidence. This will happen because you will perceive reality differently, therefor you will react to people and situations differently. You will react in a way that actually improves each situation, hence creating a new, empowering cycle.
For 30 years I've been struggling with anxiety.
I've been trying to get some place, and I worked hard at at. And I couldn't get there.

And Jean-Paul and the program made the different to me and gave me my dream back - being happy.

I'm eternally grateful, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

– Beverly, Senior Executive
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Our Solution To Your Anxiety & Burnout Problems
Here is the Big "Secret"
Here is the Big Secret to living a happy and anxiety-free life:

You have the capacity to create a great life, you have everything you need inside of you, but you need to let go of your limiting beliefs first.

The fastest way for your life to become as good or better than it has EVER been is for you to be the best version of yourself. 

If we decided to work together and help you let go of you limiting beliefs, you would become 

-Less reactive
-More positive
-More empowered
-More understanding
-More patient
-More caring
-Much happier
-And a lot more confident

Once we help you let go of your limiting beliefs, every area of your life will become easier and you will begin to excel in every area of your life.

Once you let go of your limiting beliefs, your anxiety will be completely gone, if you have depression, that will be gone as well, and you will feel better than you have in decades.

– You will be happier

– You will wake up calm, at peace, and excited for the day

– You will have an incredible amount of mental clarity, energy, and focus

– Your personal and professional relationships will reach new heights

– And you will be living your dream live

If you have a hard time believing these statements, just watch one or all of the 40 video testimonials we have on this website. We do not pay for them, there is no incentive given to them to do one either. 

You will see for yourself that the results happen fast, and the happiness and joy you will feel is unfathomable. If we can help people with a lifetime of anxiety that were deemed incurable, imagine what we can do for you!

Removing your limiting beliefs is by far the fastest, most powerful, and most effective way to improve your mental health. 

If your goal is to rid yourself of chronic stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, or a short temper, and you want this done in the shortest amount of time, book your 15 minute consultation today.
When I first came here I wanted my anxiety to be gone completely. And it is gone completely. 

But not only that, it has changed my life so much in such a positive way, and in so many other areas of my life.

For someone who has the opportunity to do it and doesn't take this opportunity, you're truly missing out, you are." 

– Maya, HR Professional
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– Our program is a customized program with a series of crafted conversations that help your mind perceive and react to things from a much better place. It will get to the very root of your anxiety problem (your limiting beliefs), and eliminate it. 

– Each person that comes to us does so with a very different set of needs; therefore each person gets a fully unique approach that fits them like a glove. The program you receive will be suited to your personality and lifestyle.

– There is no need to dive into your past and talk about all of your individual problems. With our method, you can easily let go of your negative past experiences without having to re-hash and re-live your unpleasant past memories and stories.
– Each program is 10 sessions and builds on each other in a consecutive way in order to create and solidify the results. Simple assignments are given to do in between the sessions which allow your mind to adapt and e-x-p-a-n-d at a very fast rate.
– There is a specific start and end date to the program. It is not a revolving door like conventional therapy or counselling where you have to come back over and over again without knowing when you will arrive at your final destination. It's only 10 sessions and you will be good to go. No wasted time, no wasted effort. 

– This process is also faster than conventional therapy or counselling and our clients say that they experience significant improvements in just 1 or 2 weeks. Positive shifts will begin happening from the moment you have your first session

– By the end of your program, you will have a healthier, more positive outlook on life, and your relationships as well as your physical health and life/business performance will be completely transformed for the better – guaranteed.
– The ThroughConversation™ program is full spectrum work which means that it will not only eliminate your anxiety - it will take your entire life to the next level. You will become happier, more relaxed and less reactive. You will become more confident and charismatic, you will be more fulfilled in your life, and as a direct result people will be automatically more attracted to you because of all of the qualities I just listed above. People are simply attracted to happy, confident individuals.
If you want this for yourself, book yourself in for a 15 min Brainstorming call to find out if this program is right for you.

The ThroughConversation™ methodology is ONLY practiced by our company and has been practiced for over 15 years.
How It's Done
- We meet in person or via video call for our sessions. 

- Each session lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

- You will learn a variety of useful tools and techniques that you can apply IMMEDIATELY, to improve your mental health, and life as a whole.

- You will get the guidance and support you need during the sessions, and if you need any help with anything in between, we will be there to guide and support.

- Our success rate is a 100%, even with people who have had severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, ADHD, and Depression, for decades. 

- If we work with you, you will have the freedom you crave, in the matter of weeks.

Who Is This For
Most of our clients:

- Are professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs 40 years of age, or above.

- Are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or are dealing with chronic stress or a burnout.

- Want to be the best version of themselves, for themselves,  for their families, and for their careers.

- Want to see results quickly.

- Do not want to rehash their entire life story like they do in therapy or counselling.

If that's you - book your FREE 15 min Brainstorming call now.
“You become a different person. But you become a better person. You become the person who you know you really naturally are, rather than tied down with life. 

So you end up with a different perspective on the same things. Different reactions to the same things, just naturally. And that’s incredibly powerful. And incredibly positive." 

– Andrew, Principal
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Jean-Paul Gravel
Founder of ThroughConversation, Jean-Paul Gravel is a human potential coach, author, and speaker, whose work has been endorsed by top CEOs, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, and many others. 

Over the past two decades, he has developed and perfected a system that quickly and dramatically improves emotional health, relationships, and performance levels - simultaneously. 

His system is so effective that even people who've been suffering from severe anxiety and depression for decades rediscover their happiness and peace of mind, in a matter of weeks - as long as they are willing to give it one last try.

With his unique proprietary process, Jean-Paul has helped hundreds of people live happier, more fulfilled lives.
Olga Kniazeva, PhD
A former academic and strategy consultant, Dr. Olga Kniazeva has worked with a number of prominent international organizations and academic institutions around the world, including NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels, Harvard University Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and Women Waging Peace. 

After experiencing ThroughConversation in 2009, Olga changed her career path to make the program more available to others in Vancouver and internationally. 

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