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Jean-Paul Gravel, Personal Development Expert
and Olga Kniazeva, PhD
coaching and mentoring team
Get Freedom From anxiety
In 10 Weeks OR LESS
We've worked with many leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals, 
and understand that their lifestyle can take a toll on their mental health. 

Your mind will either empower you to achieve your goals powerfully, 
or hold you back, and slow everything down.

Are you feeling anxious, stressed out, unhappy, or irritable?

Do you feel that you've stopped thriving in life and 
are now just moving through the seasons?

Are you worried that this may stay with you for a long time?

If so, you've come to the right place.
Is there A solution
To your Anxiety problem?
Your days should feel fantastic. 

You should wake up calm, at peace, and excited for the day. 

Having to cope, manage, or power through your emotions is not OK. 

You need to get to the root of the problem, and solve it.

You have to get rid of your emotional and mental health problems fast, 
and start living your life to the fullest. 

If that's what you want,
 there is a fast and effective solution to your problems.
Freedom From Anxiety With The
one-to-One program
Our proprietary and forward-thinking process will get to the very root of your anxiety problem, and eliminate it. 

Without Digging Up Your Past!

This process is faster than conventional therapy or counselling and our clients say that they experience significant improvements in just 1 or 2 weeks. (we have over 40 video testimonials)
Moreover, this will do more than make your anxiety go away completely. 

1 - It will make your mind and body feel fantastic! 

2 - It will make your relationships stronger and more loving!

3 - It will make your professional performance skyrocket!

If you’re ready to get unstuck and finally move your life forward, book your 15 min brainstorming call and see if we can help.  

If we decide to work together, you will see results very quickly (in one to two sessions). 

No wasted time, no wasted effort. We are all about results, and we hope that you are too.

Do you believe that you deserve to feel fantastic again?

What Makes ThroughConversation™ SO Different?
  • YOU get impressive results in a condensed time frame. 10 sessions and you will be good to go.  
  • There is a specific end point to our program. Unlike therapy or counselling, this is not a revolving door where you have to come back over and over and over again. You will know exactly when your burnout, anxiety, or depression will be completely gone.
  • If you do this program, every part of your life will be improved, no if's, and's, or but's about it.

The ThroughConversation™ methodology is ONLY practiced by our company and has been practiced for over 15 years.

Book Your FREE Brainstorming Call And Find Out If We Can Help YOU

With all of our programs, there is a discovery session to make sure we are the right fit. 
There are requirements to being accepted into the program.
You can book your call today and find out:
How It's Done
- We meet in person or via video call for our sessions. 

- There is a total of 10 sessions, no need for more, even if you need 50 years of anxiety or depression released. 

- You will learn a variety of useful tools and techniques that you can apply IMMEDIATELY, to improve your mental health, and life as a whole.

- You will get the guidance and support you need during the sessions, and if you need any help with anything in between, we will be there to guide and support.

- You won't have to talk about your past, and you will not have to dig into your personal life details either.  Your Anxiety or Depression will be released without having to go through the drama of rehashing your past.

- We help you quickly eliminate many of your limiting beliefs through a series of conversation and customized assignments that are designed just for you.

- Our success rate is 100%, even with people who have had severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, ADHD, and Depression, for decades. 

- If we work with you, you will have the freedom you crave, in the matter of weeks.

Deeper understanding:

Your entire life is created from the beliefs that you have accumulated throughout your entire lifetime.
You've accumulated these beliefs from your parents, your friends, your partners, from society, from experiences, so on and so forth. 

Many of your beliefs help you achieve great things in life (EMPOWERING BELIEFS), while many more hold you back and cause damage to your emotional health, as well as to your relationships, and other areas of life (LIMITING BELIEFS). 

The average person has a ratio of 85/15. 

Meaning 85% of their beliefs are limiting, while only 15% of their beliefs are empowering.
The reason you tend to repeat the same negative patterns over and over is because the limiting beliefs that you've accumulated over the course of your lifetime are causing you to think, to feel, and to act in ways that hold you back. 

By removing your limiting beliefs, you will stop self-sabotaging yourself, and your emotional health as well as your relationships and business/life performance will improve very quickly.

Picture a plane that is filled over its capacity. There is a limit to the weight it can carry, and this in weight limit has been surpassed. Now it can no longer lift off.

What would you have to do for the plane to be able to lift off? 

You would have to empty it. 

You have to empty the extra load, and once you do, you will be able to lift off.

Humans are no different.

As we age, we pick up many limiting beliefs, and those limiting beliefs weigh us down. 

We have the capacity to excel in life, we have everything we need inside of us, but we need to let go of our baggage, our limiting beliefs.

Once you let go of your baggage/limiting beliefs, every area of your life will become easier and you will begin to excel, instantaneously.

Once you let go of your limiting beliefs your anxiety will be completely gone, and you will feel better and think clearer than you have in decades. It's that simple.

If you have a hard time believing this, and maybe you do, watch one or all of the 40 video testimonials we have on this website. You will see that the results happen fast, and the happiness and joy you will feel is unfathomable. 

You will be free.

You will have an incredible amount of mental clarity.

You will feel happy, confident, and your energy levels will be through the roof (in a very good way).

Removing your limiting beliefs is by far the fastest, most powerful, and most effective way to improve your mental health. 

If your goal is to rid yourself of chronic stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, or a short temper, and you want this done in the shortest amount of time, book your 15 minute consultation today.

Who Is This For
Most of our clients:

- Are professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs 40 years of age, or above.

- Are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or are dealing with chronic stress or a burnout.

- Want to be the best version of themselves, for themselves,  for their families, and for their careers.

- Want to see results quickly.

- Do not want to rehash their entire life.

If that's you - book your FREE 15 min Brainstorming call now.
Unbeatable Results
Watch These Video Reviews

So many people willing to dedicate their own time to help you understand 
just how well ThroughConversation works. 

People give video testimonials because they want you to know 
about the MASSIVE results you will get.

There is a common theme in each of them. 

You'll see improvement in every aspect of your life, very quickly.

Click below to watch:

Harold, Medical Doctor - 39 years of severe anxiety and depression, gone in less than 10 sessions. 
Bev, Senior Executive - 50 years of anxiety, 30 years of looking for a solution, completely gone in less than 10 sessions. 
Simone, Entrepreneur - adrenal fatigue, racing mind, gone in less than 10 sessions. 
Rahim, CEO - Saved his marriage, improved his life, and transformed the way he does business 
Maya, HR Professional - Got rid of severe panic attacks and improved her relationships 
Eric, Homebuilder - Got rid of anxiety, stress and burnout, improved his relationships, and his business performance  
Satvinder, Longshoreman - 
Got rid of 54 years of severe anxiety, gone in less than 10 sessions
Sue, Business Owner - 
Got rid of 17 years of depression, even while being diagnosed with incurable cancer  
Danny, IT Consultant - Improved his life, relationships, and performance  
Kid, TalkShow Radio Host - Improved his life and business performance 
Nina, Mom - Improved every aspect of her life and her marriage 
Andrew, Principal - Got rid of burnout, improved his relationships and increased 
his business success 
Bart, Entrepreneur - Improved every aspect of his life, his relationships, and 
his business success 
Rennata, Healthcare Practitioner - Improved every aspect of her life 
and her relationships 
Shanelle, President and CEO - Got rid of stress, and elevated her business and life  performance by a landslide 
Carla, Project Manager - Got rid of severe OCD, PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks 
Cindy, CPA - Got rid of severe anxiety and improved her relationships 
Rob, Senior Executive - Improved all aspects of his life. Health, relationships, performance, and business. 
Julia, Lawyer, Entrepreneur - Improved all aspects of life, relationships, and business 
Justin, Musician - Got rid of 10 years of severe anxiety and depression 
Emily, Student - Got rid of 10 years of severe anxiety and depression 
Jim, Private Investor - Got rid of severe anxiety and depression
Robert, CEO - Overcame his business plateau and improved his communication
Jon, Retired CEO - Improved his mental and emotional state, and relationships
Genesis - Got rid of 10 years severe depression and anxiety in less than 7 sessions
Jodi, Yoga Teacher - 4 day Emotional Freedom Retreat, Southern France
Erik, Stunt Actor - Overcame depression and improved his life
Stephen and Ginny - Saved their 35 year marriage that was on the rocks
Jeff - Improved professional performance, personal life, and relationships
Candice and Miguel - Saved and recreated their marriage that was falling apart

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