Our Couples Program works with each partner individually. You will notice dramatic change occur within weeks. We get these results by applying the ThroughConversation methodology, which is a one-on-one program that only lasts a total of 10 sessions. Every aspect of your life will improve.


Your relationships are reflections of you

Your entire life experiences, including your experience of being in a relationship, stem from the same place – your belief system. The vast array of beliefs that you have, such as your beliefs about yourself, about others, and about the relationships you are in, directly impact the way you interact with your partner and the people around you. Your belief system is the filter through which you see your entire life.

Therefore, it is important to remember that your relationships are reflections of you. And the best way to develop inspiring, powerful, loving relationships with your partner, family, friends, or colleagues, is to be in harmony with your own self. Only by improving yourself will you inspire others to be different around you. Hence your best relationships start with the most important one in your life – the one with yourself.

My partner and I are having serious relationship problems. How will this work help us?

It is not really possible to significantly and permanently improve a dysfunctional relationship if certain beliefs don’t change. You can work on certain aspects of a relationship, such as communication, listening, lifestyles, sharing, etc., but any such solutions will only be temporary. The problems will re-emerge in a new form.

Jean-Paul will be able to identify your limiting beliefs, the ones who have lead you to a troubled relationship. He will then help you gently shift those beliefs and re-create your relationship into a very healthy one. You will learn to see each other differently, hear each other fully, and be with one another in an entirely different, and much more loving way.

My partner does not want to do the program. What do I do?


Interestingly, it is possible to recreate an unhealthy relationship even if only one partner does the work. By connecting to your own truth, your own self, and by learning how to be with people without reacting you will notice that people around you will have no choice but to change. They will become calmer, more balanced, and more compassionate. This new way of being is really quite contagious.