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Cindy’s testimonial

Question:                   Whys did you seek coaching?

Cindy:                          I didn’t like myself, I was really stressed, life was stress, nothing worked out and whatever surrounding wasn’t good

Question:                   How is your emotional health now?

Cindy:                          Its way, way, way better I can’t even compare. It was brutal before like it wasn’t even normal like before but now it’s a lot better, I can see smiles like on my face every single day and I can feel it.

Question:                   What was your experience with the program?

Cindy:                          It was amazing, like it’s certain things that you don’t expect, it just happens. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, it just happens.

Question:                   Like what?

Cindy:                         Like the first or second lesson and all the anxiety was gone, not completely, it was ninety five percent. Well it came back a little but I would say originally my level of anxiety was really high but after the first two sessions I was like down to here.

Question:                    What would you like to say to those considering this program?

Cindy:                          It’s really a miracle, like it just works and again I really don’t know why and how. Like there are a lot of things that if you do the work, if you’re committed to yourself it will work.

Question:                    Is there anything you would like to add?

Cindy:                          Like if your life changed, like if you change your life and if you change the way you are thinking that not only changes your own life, it changes everybody, anything around you and all the good things come and it actually did.


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