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It is absolutely possible to get rid of anxiety and depression naturally, and fast

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression? Are you tired of being at the mercy of your emotions and want to take charge of your life?

 Maybe you’ve tried therapy, counselling, or coaching and it just hasn’t gotten you what you want.

It’s time to try something different. Here is a unique approach with a proven record of success.


Success rate higher than 95%

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Developed and perfected over the past 20 years, ThroughConversation™ is a unique one-one-one personal coaching system that takes into consideration your distinctive traits and aspirations, and delivers a custom-tailored program that will allow you to dissolve the limiting beliefs that cause emotional stress. As a result of this work, your relationships, your ability to connect with people and your emotional health will all improve dramatically. You will become happier, healthier, and more confident. You will be able to let go of sadness or worry and your life will become so much easier.

With our method, we will not just help you ‘cope’ with depression and anxiety. We will help you break free from it. Moreover, almost every single aspect of your life will improve in a quantifiable manner. We achieve these results because we work in a holistic manner, with an understanding that everything in life is interconnected. We help you find and dissolve not just the symptoms but more importantly the root cause of your emotional problems – your unconscious mental and emotional blocks. This work will give you a healthier, more positive outlook on life. You will be given powerful tools to create a happy and fulfilling life with ease. 

How is Our Approach to Depression and Anxiety Different from Others?

Traditional therapy or counselling is long, and has a success rate of only 20% at achieving satisfying results or long term recovery. We consider this very ineffective. Therapy and counselling also has a reputation of being very unpleasant because you have to dredge up and talk about your past issues. How can you possibly get better by rehashing your past over and over again?  

This is not how the ThroughConversation system works. Instead, we go straight to and deal with the root cause of why the anxiety and depression showed up in the first place – the limiting beliefs that cause your emotional stress. We do this through a series of empowering forward-thinking conversations that build upon each other, and do not involve you having to bring up your past. As the root cause is eliminated, things begin to rebuild from a natural, non-forceful way.

You would think non-forceful means slow, but it’s the exact opposite. 

We can achieve this because of our unique approach to anxiety and depression. At ThroughConversation, we do not see depression and anxiety as mental health issues. Rather, we see these emotional patterns as a sign that there is something that needs to change. Similarly, we do not see individuals as ill or broken, nor do we believe that it has to take long to overcome these issues. If you accept this perspective, it gives you immense power to resolve these problems, quickly. 

We believe that the emotional distress you are feeling is a healthy albeit very unpleasant message your body is sending you, one which has not been heard, or perhaps has not been understood. Similar to the increasing pain you will feel if you are hungry and do not eat, the message that your body has been sending you (the feelings of anxiety or depression) has become more and more painful and intolerable, and now you seem ready to act in order to stop it. The unpleasant feelings are in fact there to motivate you to look deeper into your life. Like a wake up call that encourages you to find out what you need to do in order to be happy and feel free again.

What you need is to be able to understand the signal, and know what to do about it. And that’s exactly what we teach.

How Do We Treat Depression and Anxiety? 

The mind is capable of creating its own emotional problems (as well as physical ones such as insomnia, migraines, hair loss, skin problems, and so on). With the proper help, one can make positive shifts in a very short period of time. We believe that in the vast majority of cases, it is possible to get rid of depression and anxiety without medication; while helping you create a happier and more fulfilling life. We often work with people that have been using pharmaceuticals (sometimes for decades) to control their symptoms, and all of them find their way off drugs without any crash whatsoever.

The ThroughConversation™ methodology offers people a way to identify and dissolve the root cause of their problems – the limiting beliefs that cause emotional stress. Neuroscience has proven long ago that the brain creates neural pathways that are linked to the specific emotional, behavioral, and thought patterns that we experience. Beliefs are at the root of all the thoughts, feelings, and actions that we have on a daily basis. By working directly with the belief system, we help you rewire your mind and can significantly improve your life. 

Moreover, this method is not limited to anxiety or depression therapy; it helps with many different problems such as anger, stress, low self-esteem, as well as dysfunctional relationships.

ThroughConversation™ is unlike anything else you have ever experienced. This method has a success rate of over 95% and has a proven record of delivering outstanding results even where other approaches have failed.

Our clients report that the feelings of anxiety, depression, upset, and so on subside significantly soon after the first few sessions and are dramatically diminished or completely gone by the end of the program (if you have not yet done so, we invite you to see the video testimonials of our graduates to see what kind of results people are able to achieve with this program).



Here are some of the features of this approach:

Address the root cause

Rather than addressing the symptoms, ThroughConversation deals with the root cause of your emotional stress – the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back. By working directly with the belief system, we help you re-train your mind and significantly improve your life. We do it within a finite timeframe of only 10 sessions.

As unique as you

ThroughConversation leverages the fact that everything in life is interconnected – your mind, your body, and your environment. We will create a customized program that is unique to you and that takes into consideration your distinct personality traits, as well as your lifestyle. No two programs are the same.

Expect more

ThroughConversation™ is a lot more than therapy or counselling. After the completion of your program you will walk away with an effective and easy to follow system that will give you the power to be a stronger version of yourself. You will also learn many different techniques that support your emotional health.

Entertaining and fun

You may be avoiding dealing with your emotional problems because you do not want to dwell in the pain and suffering that one would expect in the process. But ThroughConversation is different. You don’t ever have to rehash your past or talk about your problems. Our clients report that this work is entertaining and fun.


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