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What are anxiety and depression, really?

What we still misunderstand about anxiety and depression


Written by Jean-Paul Gravel, leading expert on emotional health, and human potential.

It can take years to get rid of anxiety. It can take years to get rid of depression. You may never even get rid of it at all and you should learn to cope with what you are dealing with. It may be hereditary. It’s your genetics…


I have read this countless times on websites that are run by counsellors and therapists and government bodies, and all I can say to that is that people are being mislead.

I remember when Harold came in for his program. He had been suffering for 39 years, and told me that he believed it was genetic. That he had tried everything under the moon, all the therapy, counselling, trainings, retreats, and drugs, yet he was still left with the same issues. I looked at him straight in the eyes, said ‘ten sessions’, and a few months later his 39 years ordeal was over. Keep in mind that he’s a very well respected medical doctor here in Vancouver, and a very smart man who never gave up searching for his happiness and freedom. Are you aware that studies suggest that therapists and counsellors have an average success rate of about 20%-30%. No wonder he could not solve his issues for almost 4 decades…


How is it possible that every single case of anxiety or depression I’ve worked with, regardless of if it were 2 weeks of pain and suffering, or 50 years, each and every person’s emotions transformed into happiness and freedom? That’s right, every single case, solved. Moreover, I do it without bringing up the past.


Take a minute to absorb that. No talking about your traumas, no talking about your relationships, no talking about your childhood, no talking about who abused you or who took advantage of you, and no wasted time trying to pinpoint when and where it all started. 


This flies in the face of what therapists and counsellors believe. Moreover, how the people I work with feel by the end of the program is like, or better than they did at the peak of their lives. This is not an exaggeration, watch the videos to find out for yourself.


 The vast majority of people completely misunderstand what anxiety and depression really are and there is one very important thing you need to understand that will completely change how you deal with your depression or anxiety.


 Pain encourages you to take action


Anxiety and depression are normal responses that tell you, that signal you, that you better change things in your life and you better do it now.  And no, if you have severe anxiety or depression while you are frying eggs in your kitchen, this does not mean that your physical body is broken. It simply means that there is a priority and the priority right now is not to be frying eggs. I’m dead serious. There is nothing physically wrong with you if you are suffering from debilitating anxiety or depression, but there is something definitely wrong in your life, and you better figure it out before it keeps wrecking your life. Read on… 


Think of your anxiety and depression as an emotional compass that generates negative emotions so that you change course. If you veer off-course in your life, and stay headed in the wrong direction, the signal will get louder and louder. The alarm is not ringing without a valid reason. You need to look for and solve the problems immediately because it’s having a disastrous impact on your physical health, your emotional health, your personal relationships, your professional life, everything! Every area of your life is under attack when you suffer from these negative emotions. You can’t think straight. You definitely can’t do what you could do if you didn’t have this constant drain of energy in your life. Absolutely every area of your life is negatively impacted when you feel sad, or anxious, or upset. 


Let me explain this another way. If you were on the inside ledge of a window of the 4th floor of a building, with the window closed, you would probably feel fine unless you were scared of heights. But if the window were to suddenly disappear, you would experience the most severe anxiety of your entire life. The anxiety is a signal telling you to get back inside to a safe area of the room. The anxiety is your emotional compass. The emotion you feel at that moment forces you to jump back into the room where it is safe. Depression is basically the same. Different emotional response, but triggered in a similar way.


So, what should you do about it? What should you do about your anxiety, or your depression? Well, one thing I would suggest is that think twice before taking medication to control you anxiety or depression. 


Here, you tell me. If your kitchen were to catch on fire, the fire alarm would start ringing right? Would it make sense to get a ladder, climb up to where the alarm is, and take the batteries out so that it stops ringing? Of course not! And that’s exactly how modern medicine and therapists deal with anxiety and depression. That would be similar to driving in a car into oncoming traffic and closing your eyes so that you don’t feel the anxiety. This is clearly not the right way to solve the problem.


If you shut down your alarm system, if you take pills and shut down your emotional compass, you will get further off track in every area of your life, and you won’t be aware of it because your alarm will have been turned off! 


If there were a fire in the kitchen, the only logical thing to do would be to find the source of the fire, and extinguish it ASAP. The same can be said about you. You need to find the root causes of your anxiety or depression, and handle it! Only then will the negative emotions go away. If however you don’t find the root causes, other areas of your life will keep breaking down causing a obvious domino effect. 


Anxiety and depression are signals. Signals that need to be heard right now. If you want the pain signal to disappear, things need to change. It’s simply the way humans are wired. In order to beat the feelings of anxiety and depression, you need to make certain specific changes in your life. Those changes will have to be unique and specific to your life. You need to learn to identify what need to happen for those negative, draining feelings to leave, and stay gone. This is why so many people go in and out of anxiety and depression their entire life. Things change in their lives, they feel better, until all of a sudden its back to feeling horrible all over again.


I want to add something here because I want to make a point. According to me, and the experience I have with countless clients that I have worked with, 99% of people do not suffer from a genetic disorder or physical disease leaving them in a position where they must live with anxiety or depression. I have yet to meet someone who does. I’m not saying that the physical body does not affect the mind, it does, what I am saying however is that in 99% of the cases, it starts with the mind. 


The root cause – your belief system


Lets take it a step further now. The root cause of anxiety and depression is in your belief system. Your belief system impacts every aspect of the way you live your life. If you want to learn more about what beliefs are and how they play a role in transforming your life, you can download my book [here]. It’s a short book, and it makes a lot of sense. It will help you get more clarity around the subject.


If you want to see dramatic positive changes in your life, you need to update your belief system so that your outlook on life, the way you interact with life, and the people in your life, becomes conducive to a happy and fulfilling life. With the right guidance, this happens surprisingly fast. You can have the life you have always wanted in the matter of weeks. 


I have worked with people of all ages, some of whom suffered for 50+ years and who believed that they were broken. They had searched the world over for help. With the process that I developed over the last two decades (It all started in 1996), each and every one of my clients has experienced massive improvement in their emotional health.


If what I have conveyed here makes sense to you, and if you want to know whether we are the right fit to work with each other, click the blue button on this page and request an initial consultation with me personally. You will be able to set yourself free from anxiety and depression very quickly.

And just so you understand, I’m not talking about going back to the place you were before. I’m talking about every aspect of your life improving so powerfully and so quickly that you are left blown away.


Think about it – why do you think so many people – doctors, top CEOs, nurses, students, brokers, retirees’, accountants, fishermen, directors, actors, makeup artists, HR specialists, yoga teachers, executives, moms, dads, and more, have given me 10 minute long, full length video testimonials? They want you to hear their story. So that you can be inspired and know that you can be on your way to a much better, happier, more effective life, at a click of a button. That’s over 5 hours worth of video testimonials.  


Also, please keep in mind, just because someone says that they work with beliefs or the belief system, does not mean that they actually know what they are doing or are any good at it. It took me 22 years to perfect this system, and most importantly, it works.


If you want to experience rapid growth in every area of your life simultaneously – emotional health, relationships, mindset, and performance – book your initial consultation today!














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