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Andrews testimonial

Question:                    Tell us about your life before ThroughConversation?

Andrew:                       My life before ThroughConversation was a lot more complex than it is now. A lot more relaxed. I see people differently now than I did. Suddenly, my relationships with people before were not healthy, and were becoming less and less healthy. So, that was affecting pretty much everything in my life.

Question:                    Why did you choose ThroughConversation?

Andrew:                      I could see just in the initial meeting with Jean-Paul and in particular, the testimonials. They’re on the website. It was as if like everybody can put the base testimonials on a website but when there are so many and then there was a couple of people that I recognized, and I said, “Okay. Well, if they’re doing it, there’s some substance to this.” And they hit right and I was at a point where, okay, I need to do something. So, that’s what brought me here.

Question:                   Did ThroughConversation give you what you desired?

Andrew:                      I’m not sure on what I desired. It’s just that I wanted to be better. I wanted to be a better person, I wanted to have better relationships, stronger relationships, and I’ve definitely got there. So, yeah, coming in till now, yeah, it’s hard to describe. I’m not surely how to describe but I definitely like anyone that I’ve come across that I think, I should go and see Jean-Paul. I’ve said it and I’ve told them my experience. And some people I think have connected with ThroughConversation and others haven’t, and it’s the thing [inaudible 02:20] their decision but it’s certainly transformative without a doubt. It’s yeah, I’ll do it again.

Question:                   What were you able to achieve with Jean-Paul’s help?

Andrew:                       I’ve been able to certainly have a better relationship with my wife. I’m getting a better relationship with my two boys, certainly my eldest which was very important for me to do. I react to things differently. I don’t get annoyed anywhere near as much as I used to about trivial things that really don’t matter in this kind of things. It’s just so many things, it’s hard to list them all. Interactions with people, yeah, the way I respond to challenge, to conflict, to just simply listening, and putting yourself in the other person’s shoes which I don’t think I did anywhere near as much as I needed to compared to now. So, even my analytical side is different. I come at things from a different perspective which is that in itself is doing quite transforming. And it meant that it’s being a lot easier to talk to people about what they need and in doing so, maybe I can help them. So, in a sales role, it’s incredibly powerful.

Question:                    How did ThroughConversation impact your business?

Andrew:                       The business is good. Before, there was risk that I was going to be losing some contracts and that’s not the case. In fact, quite the reverse. There’s always too much to do. And every time I have a… I meet someone new about what they’re challenges might be, what they might need to develop or build, I’m coming back with some work to do to help them, to the point where [inaudible 05:02] too much to do which is a nice problem to have. So, that’s been very effective to my business definitely.

Question:                    How was your experience working with Jean-Paul?

Andrew:                       So, working with Jean-Paul is it was good. Very quickly developed quite a strong friendship but friendship in a professional way because I could see the love and care and attention that he was putting into me. This wasn’t some canned ten step process, this was very much ThroughConversation, working and helping me hone who I am and who I wanted to be, and he just seems to be able to do it so naturally far more happily than anyone I have met.

Question:                    Can you describe the program?

Andrew:                       The program does have a foundation and it’s a foundation that I immediately was drawn to because I realized that it really honed the core principles of who a good person should be. But it also is very customizable to suit every individual and I can see from all the testimonials from other people, everyone from all sorts of different walks of life. So, I’m sure that those tenements, that foundation that is there but then it’s very, very one on one. And the support, that’s a key. It’s not just decision, the support that occurs through the program, I’ve not experience not at any other management course, or training, or coaching, never, never had that support and that’s crucial.

Question:                    What impressed you the most about this work?

Andrew:                       Well, the most impressive part of this work would be the way that you… without realizing, you become a different person, you’d become a better person, you become the person who you know you really naturally are rather than taught down with life. So, you end up with a different perspective on the same things, different reactions to the same things just naturally. And that’s incredibly powerful and incredibly positive.

Question:                    What would you like to say to someone who is considering this program?

Andrew:                       Watch all the testimonials, watch them all. If there’s some that speak to you, watch them again. And then, come in and see Jean-Paul and realize that it’s a significant investment in yourself. But what’s that worth? Really at the end of the end what’s that worth? And I’m here because I can see the difference it’s made to me, and if honestly, if Jean-Paul could do this to everybody, this would be such a different world, such a different world, such a positive world. So, the more people that can do this, wow, what a difference, what a difference it would be. So, if you’re questioning whether or not he can or can’t, whether you got the time or resources or whatever, I think you’ve got to consider what have you done before, what is it got you. If you could be the person you really want to be, what is that worth? At the end of the day really what is that worth? What is your job worth? What is your career worth? What is your family worth? I mean, certainly your family. For me, it was because of my relationship with my son and my wife, and in what I could see happening with my career. It was an investment that I needed to make and I’m just so thankful that I did that, decide thing for.

Question:                   Is there anything else you would like to say?

Andrew:                      Certainly, the people close to me have commented on who I am now compared to who I was and that means so much, just so much. And I can’t thank Jean-Paul enough, I really can’t. It’s yeah, I just wish I have done this years ago. I should have… I have a completely different relationship with my son. I’m starting to get that now and it means so much. And certainly my wife, I don’t know how she put it up with me really, compared to who I am now. So, it’s very valuable, very valuable. Priceless, definitely priceless.


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