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 People who have more advanced social skills,
better emotional health, a stronger mindset,
more confidence and enhanced mental clarity,
can run laps around you. 

The ultimate power in life is to have
Emotional Freedom


Because that is what everybody is after.


Your emotional state is weighing you down and holding you back.

Regardless of if you don’t think you have emotional issues,

or if you are clear that you do,

dealing with stress, going through a burnout, having anxiety, being irritable or 
feeling deep down that you are unfulfilled 
is steadily chipping away at your life, 
your dreams, and at every relationship you have, especially the ones closest to you.



The older you get the more you start to realize that time is flying by at an alarming rate.

Are you aware of the fact that your entire life revolves around
doing things

that make you happy and feel more at peace?

Absolutely everything you do, from raising a family to ordering a specific meal at your favourite restaurant is directly linked in your mind to creating more happiness and peace of mind for yourself now or in the future.

You want to feel good and avoid pain.

You want to be comfortable and avoid stress.

You want to feel fulfilled with your life.

You want to know that you are living your life to the fullest, and you have taken advantage of as many opportunities as possible.

So the question remains: Are you?

Are you fulfilled? 

Are you living your life fully? With your family and friends, and do you feel that you are living fully when you are with your self?

If you were to die tomorrow, would you die knowing that you tapped into your full

potential or would you think that there was more to life.

That you did not achieve what you set out to achieve for yourself emotionally, mentally,

relationship-wise, and performance-wise?



If you feel that you have not tapped into your full potential,

that your relationships with people and yourself could be improved,

that your emotional state and mindset could be enhanced,

if you would love to operate from a heightened mental clarity or achieve more personally and professionally, we may be the right fit.

We work with many different people, and they all share one thing in common. A desire to be better.

When we work with our clients, we enhance every part of their lives by applying the ThroughConversation methodology. After our short time together, Emotional Health and Mindset is dramatically improved. Relationships with self, loved ones, business partners, coworkers and well as with strangers are so much better.

And Performance levels, focus and clarity, are nowhere near where they were prior to the program. 

And with our system, this can be achieved in roughly 90 days.

Something else our clients are always pleasantly surprised to hear is that this level of growth is achieved without having to dig into your past and without having to dig into your life. It is forward thinking.


This is available to you if you have what it takes.

What does it take?

The willingness to take action and become the best version of yourself.

The willingness to take action and transform yourself into the most authentic version of yourself.

The willingness to shed decades of baggage you accumulated over the years.

The willingness to step into your life and own it fully.


Why are people held back in life?

What is holding them back?

As you grow up, you are eager to learn from your parents and from people, and as you learn, you learn things that help you on your journey, and you learn things that hold you back.

The things that hold you back become your baggage.

As you experience life, you go through things, and some things enlighten you and enable you to achieve more in life, and some of the things you go through damage you. The things that damage you become part of your baggage.

That time you got dumped has an impact on how you are in your marriage today. It has an impact on how you allow yourself to be open with your partner.

That time someone told you that you are nothing, that you are worthless, has an impact on what you think you are capable of creating today.

That time you got screwed over, that time you were stolen from, has an impact on how safe you feel and how much you can trust. 

You are limited by the impact your past experiences have had on you.

Absolutely every experience in life impacts you positively, or negatively and what impacts you negatively becomes your baggage, and your baggage is weighing you down, holding you back from what you would otherwise be able to achieve with great ease.



Our clients come to us with the same problems time and time again

– I am tried of living with constant stress, burnout, anxiety, or depression, I am tired of sleepless nights or unhappy days, and
I want my life back.

– I need a solution that will create lasting change so that I can stop “coping” and “struggling” and enter the next stage of my life powerfully.

I don’t want to constantly rehash my past and talk about my issues like they will make me do in a therapy or counselling format, I just want to get past my issues and move on.

– I feel that time is going by, I’m missing out and I just don’t want to waste my life. I need something that will move me forward fast.

I want a proven solution and I want to be confident that this will work.

– I just want to be happy, and wake up in the morning refreshed, at peace, fulfilled, energized and excited about my day and my future.


Regardless of if you have been struggling for 5 months, 5 years, or 5 decades…
If we work together, YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY and very satisfied with the results


What is ThroughConversation?

ThroughConversation™ is a proprietary process that quickly and effectively removes the unconscious barriers that are holding you back and causing your emotional stress. It will Improve every single area of your life, at the same time. 

You will become happier, more confident, you will sleep better, wake up more refreshed, your personal and professional relationships will improve dramatically, you will achieve more in every aspect of your life…  You will feel a calm sense of power that comes from deep inside you.

Over the past 15 years, Jean-Paul Gravel has worked with hundreds of people like you, providing 1-on-1 mentoring to those who want to free their minds from negative emotions and thought patterns. Those who want to excel at life. Those who want to become the best version of themselves.

Our clients attest that the ThroughConversation one-to-one program is faster and significantly more effective than other modalities, such as therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, CBT, EMDR, or NLP.

Our success rate with burnout, anxiety and depression is greater than 98%.  If you like these odds, contact us today.

“At the age of 27 I was stopped in my tracks by severe anxiety and depression… And that had continued off and on for the ensuing years… I had tried various kinds of therapies, trainings, retreats, medications, and various things help to some extent but in the end, I was pretty much left with the same problems… ThroughConversation has impacted every little part of my life. I was hoping for some contentment and really, I have a lot of happiness. And I don’t know any other place I could have got this. It’s been far beyond my expectations and I’m very, very, happy with it.

– Harold, Medical Doctor – 39 years of anxiety and depression, gone in 10 sessions

How does it work?


Unpleasant thoughts and feelings are a result of subconscious mental and emotional blocks that you have accumulated over your life time – Those blocks turn into your ‘baggage’. 

They cause you to repeat the same negative thoughts and behaviours over and over again. As time goes by, the neural pathways associated with those daily thoughts and emotions develop shortcuts in your brain, causing you to experience those negative thoughts and emotions more often and more profoundly. 

The ThroughConversation process dissolves mental and emotional blocks, effectively getting rid of a lot of your ‘baggage’. This process enables your mind to think clearly and effectively, while emotionally feeling free and uplifted. 

What Does Working Together Look Like? 



The Emotional Freedom Program is a customized program that involves a series of empowering conversations with Jean-Paul gravel that help your mind perceive and react to things from a much healthier and more powerful perspective.

– The program includes only 10 sessions that build on each other in a sequential fashion in order to create and solidify the results.

Simple assignments are given to do in between the sessions which will allow the mind to adapt and e-x-p-a-n-d at a very fast rate.

Guidance is also provided in between the sessions so that you are never left to figure things out on your own.

Clients notice improvements in emotional state, mental clarity, relationships, and performance levels from the very first or second session.

You will have a healthier, more positive outlook on life, and tools to release yourself of old thought patterns that you no longer wish to keep.

“Doing the program is definitely the best thing I’ve ever done. I mean to sort of float through life and let life come at you and happen at you is I think the way most people live. And that’s the way I was living. Through the program I’ve come to look at my life and the world around me completely differently. It completely changes your perspective on life, yourself and the people in your life, the work you do or the business you do. It just changes that whole perspective so you see it in a very enlightened way, a very different way, and a very powerful way. It lets you see it in a way that enables you to take control of your life. Rather than life controlling you, you take control of your life. You take control of your relationships, you take control of your career or business. It’s that big of a change, and it’s that dramatic.” – Eric


Book Your Discovery Session Right Now To Learn
How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals In Record Time

How are we different?



Our clients say that the ThroughConversation experience is unique and unlike anything else they have ever experienced.


First of all, with us, you will get the BIGGEST results in the smallest amount of time. 10 sessions, thats it, that’s all, you are good to go.


– There is a specific end points. Unlike therapy or counselling, this is not a revolving door where you have to come back over and over again. You will know exactly when your burnout, anxiety or depression will be completely gone.


– With us, you do not have to dive into your past, and we don’t have to dig into your personal life either. 


– We have an impeccable track record and more than 6 hours of in-depth video testimonials from people who have experienced this program first hand and whose lives were transformed so powerfully and in such a short period of time that they are willing to share their experience with you – on camera!  

Most people do not want to go through therapy or counselling for good reasons. Who wants to sit there and rehash their past and all of their stories and have their entire life dissected by someone sitting across from them with a notepad, analyzing you and then telling you what happened. 






The ThroughConversation™ methodology
is only practiced by our company

Outstanding and Proven 
Record of Success


Success Rate is OVER

Hours of Video Testimonials

10 Sessions Max

Our Clients’ Transformations: Before and After

See how big of an impact your thoughts and emotions have on your physical body and health.

These are real, un-edited before and after photos of one of our clients. We simply asked her to smile before, and after the program.

“My experience with Through Conversation was more than what I expected. At first, it seemed too good to be true and I’m sure that is what most people think during consultation…wrong. Jean-Paul and Olga are professional, inviting and genuine from the beginning. My experience was nothing short of exceeding my expectations. So many seek help in many facets of their lives only to realize, the money they spent was wasted. I found the sessions exciting and fun and never felt like it was a chore going to see Jean-Paul, always a pleasure. Jean-Paul delivers what he promises. It is not a pain-staking approach in which you have to delve into your deepest darkest secrets/emotions, it is very light hearted. This program works, it delivers results. From the first session, things started to improve – confidence, obsessive negative thoughts, emotional stability, OCD, anxiety, etc. By the end of the program, most of those issues were non-existent or very minimal and 6 months’ post program, things keep getting better. Thank you Jean-Paul and Olga for a fantastic journey.”  -Carla

These are real, un-edited before and after photos of one of our clients. We simply asked him to smile before, and after the program. His eyes speak a thousand words.

“What impressed me the most is that in two months, THIS, should not be possible!”    -Rahim Lakhani

Our success rate with anxiety and depression is greater than 98%, contact us today.

Who is this for?

– Our typical client is an individual who is 40 years of age, or above.

– Most of our Emotional Freedom program clients feel pressure, may be depressed or anxious, or deal with chronic stress.

– All of our clients have a desire to transform into the best version of themselves.

– Our clients want to work with someone who is capable of delivering results consistently and in a timely manner.

Scheduling A Discovery Session.


With any one of our programs, there is a discovery session in order to make sure that we can provide you with the kind of training that suits your needs. Likewise, there are requirements to being accepted into the program and those are also taken into consideration before final enrollment is granted. If you are lucky enough to experience this program, absolutely every part of your life will be improved.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, Schedule A Discovery Session Today. 

Book Your Discovery Session Right Now To Learn How
We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals In Record Time


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